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We provide a wide variety of oil filtration systems to suit you company's specific requirements. All of our oil filtration systems are tested before issue and they are used in all types of industries across the world.

Our filtration systems provide the most efficient by-pass filtration at the most cost-effective price. All filter rigs are built to order and we supply custom-built units to suit your specific requirements.

Oil Analysis

Regular oil sampling is a cost-reducing preventative maintenance tool allowing you to determine what is happening inside your machinery. By implementing our oil sampling and analysis programme, you can reduce operating costs and pinpoint potential problems. If purchasing new/used machinery oil analysis can give you a good indication of the condition internally and of the oil. Most NEW oils do not meet the cleanliness required by machinery manufacturers.

Further benefits include:

  • One STOP shop
  • Low cost
  • ISO9001:2008 Laboratory
  • Fast turnaround
  • All types of oils, fuels, coolants, grease, transformer and bio-diesel etc
  • Plan manpower and maintenance programmes
  • Plan service schedules
  • Maintain productivity
  • Save downtime costs
Oil Analysis

Sampling Equipment

We provide a wide variety of sampling equipment for clean and contaminate free sampling. To check how clean your oil is, this sampling equipment is imperative.

Products and accessories include:

  • Aluminium and plastic vacuum sampling pumps
  • All plastic oil sampling vacuum pumps
  • Sampling pump adaptors
Sampling Equipment

Mining Filtration

We offer cost-effective mining filtration services to all mining companies throughout the world. Our mining filtration unit is proven to help keep oil in a clean condition and it reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

This unit is suitable for mineral and synthetic oils and emulsified, water and glycol-based fluids. We also supply Mining Super Duty twin units.

Mining Filtration

Waste Oils

If you have liquid or waste oils, we provide a service to have them removed safely and securely from your premises.

We can also determine whether your waste oils are fit for recycle. For the most comprehensive and professional advice on waste disposal, we are here to help with your every query or requirement.

Waste Oils

Magnetic Fixing System

The FA-ST Magclamp© magnetic fixing system is a quick and easy solution for supporting hydraulic and flexible hoses, water pipes/hose pipes and plastic and metal rigid pipework. Instantly clamp pipes to any steel frame work, tanks, vehicles and trailers, racking, ducting, machines etc. to keep footways and roadways clear, reduce trip hazards and help prevent loss of liquid during fluid transfer which could result in environmental damage.

When transferring liquid from one container to another via a flexible hose, the magnetic hose clamp can be used to secure pipe assemblies in the required positions for suction and return lines, keeping the hoses neat and tidy and with a 90º holder can be used to direct the fluid into the receiving container. Ideal for use ‘on site’ when temporary hose assemblies are required for filtering oils and fuels, re-filling plant and machinery with oil and diesel, installing pipe work and for keeping work areas hazard free and tidy.

The magnetic hose and pipe clamp can also be used for the temporary installation of a pipe run, no drilling or bolting required, no more cable ties or bits of rope: a neat, tidy and quick installation can be achieved. It can also be used for holding hydraulic lines, steel, copper or plastic pipes in place to enable a permanent fixing to be made.

Magnetic Fixing System

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