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We are Excel spreadsheet consultants, developers and trainers. We will develop a spreadsheet application for you from your requirements and specifications. Our spreadsheet consultants will take your existing Excel spreadsheet and improve it to save you time and effort in operation. We undertake customised Excel training including macros. You can sample our work by downloading one of our free spreadsheets from our web site

Spreadsheet Development

We will undertake spreadsheet development from your specifications. Alternatively, you may contact us and we will work with you to produce a suitable specification. We also work from an existing spreadsheet application. We produce some early examples or prototypes to ensure we are meeting your requirements. Our spreadsheet developments make use of Excel’s Advanced Functions and VBA macros to improve your businesses cost reduction and revenue growth. These developments can sometimes reveal aspects of your business that might otherwise be hidden.

We integrate our FormulaDataSleuth® software toolset to check all the formulas and data in the workbook for errors and to improve spreadsheet operation. We provide full documentation and on-going support.

Examples of our client work include:

  • Development of a detailed cost model for Fibre to the Home projects.
  • Development of a reporting spreadsheet for a transport road charging system.
Spreadsheet Development

Spreadsheet Remediation

We can work from an existing spreadsheet developed by you, but you wish to have improved and/or extended. We call this spreadsheet remediation. We will work collaboratively with you and your team to improve the way your spreadsheets function in your business. We have helped many clients to remediate their critical business spreadsheets by removing “muddle,” by preventing “damage” and hidden errors, and by revealing its detailed operation when poorly documented.

We can integrate our FormulaDataSleuth® software toolset to check all the formulas and data in the workbook for errors and to improve spreadsheet operation. We provide documentation and on-going support.

Examples of our client spreadsheet remediation work includes:

  • Improving an existing workbook for collecting and publishing marketing statistics
  • Improving a workbook template covering quotations, enquires, variations, ordering and cost management.
Spreadsheet Remediation

Spreadsheet Training

We provide spreadsheet training in spreadsheet best practices to enable the creation of good quality maintainable error-free spreadsheets. We provide targeted spreadsheet training tutorials to improve your spreadsheet skills and productivity.

Some of the topic areas covered with clients are:

  • Understanding the basics of relative and absolute references
  • Improving spreadsheet layout quality to reduce risk of error
  • Improving workbook layout quality by splitting data and calculations into separate sheets
  • Improving quality of formulas by constructing them so they can be readily understood
  • Using functions in Excel such as INDEX and MATCH  to simplify spreadsheets
  • Understanding how to avoid the pitfalls associated with “copy and paste”
  • Introducing VBA methods to make recorded macros do repetitive tasks
  • Understanding how to “read” inherited VBA and macros
Spreadsheet Training

Spreadsheet Checking Service

Our XCellSleuth spreadsheet checking services are carried out by our FormulaDataSleuth® software toolset running an automated checking procedure. The types of errors and warnings generated are in addition to those detected by Excel’s in-built error checking and other facilities. We offer a free spreadsheet checking service, XCellSleuth Free, and provide a report. There is no obligation, but we can quote for spreadsheet remediation should it be required.

The free checks include the following:

  • Data Has Blanks: risk of error due to existence of blank cell(s) within Data Block
  • Data in Formula Block: risk of error due to possible data overwrite of a formula
  • Error in Formula: risk of error due to inconsistent formulas in a Formula Block
  • Formula is Blank: risk of error because a formula may have been erased
Spreadsheet Checking Service

Free Spreadsheets

We have a number of free Spreadsheet downloads on our website and you can sample some of our work:

Our free Stock Control spreadsheet can be run as a demonstration of stock management in Demo Mode. Alternatively use your own data and evaluate in Evaluation Mode.

In Demo mode, our Stock Control spreadsheet will show Stock Status warnings appearing through time as stock levels reduce and replenishment of orders and deliveries take effect. The spreadsheet indicates by coloured cells the various stock status levels. In Evaluation Mode, you may enter your own BoM, Production Plan and Orders.

Our free Discounted Cash Flow Spreadsheet, DCF Revenue Model, estimates break-even points. Vary the market demand forecast and see the break-even point change. Discounted Cash Flow is a method of assessment of the commercial viability of investments and the revenue stream it creates.

Our Excel Advanced Functions document allows you to gain insight into how to use some of Excel’s advanced functions to obtain more effective, rapid and reliable business analysis. You can try out some of the examples indicated in the Excel spreadsheet that accompanies it.

Free Spreadsheets

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