Falco Electronics

Falco Electronics was established in 1991 to represent suppliers of components to the electronics industry. With a growing volume of annual sales and a portfolio of multinational and indigenous design customers in Ireland this dynamic and expanding company provides an unrivalled level of service.

As the leading Sales Representative Organisation in its area, Falco is renowned for the quality of its sales activities and its success is built on achieving total customer satisfaction. We specialise in account management of major customers which encompasses promoting and designing-in our principals' products, negotiating supply contracts on behalf of our principals, securing and managing purchase orders, general problem solving and interfacing between principal and customer.

We are constantly exploring new relationships with manufacturers who wish to penetrate the Irish and European market and who wish to do so with a suitable range of support services. Falco has the resources and personnel to develop sales for companies with good high technology products suitable for the fast growing Irish and European markets.

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