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Falcon Industrial specialises in providing high quality durable workwear to organisations throughout the UK. We understand that the materials you wear to work will be stretched to their respective limits each day so we only supply clothing from reputable companies. We take care of all your workwear needs with clothing such as shirts, socks, boilersuits, fleeces, jackets, polo shirts, trousers and much more.

We are also aware that comfort is essential as it impacts performance standards which is why we offer clothing that is as stylish and comfortable as it is durable. Whether you are looking for casual wear, rainproof materials or clothing that can withstand serious wear and tear; you will find it on our website.


Hi Vis

Hi-Vis clothing is essential for employees that work in poor light and inclement weather conditions. The Hi-Vis clothing range available at Falcon Industrial is tested and is compliant with all EN471 standards for safety and quality. If you work in an environment where visibility is compromised, you need Hi-Vis clothing to prevent accidents from happening.

We stock practically every form of Hi-Vis clothing you need including construction jackets, bomber jackets, polo shirts, body warmers, waistcoats and trousers. Don’t take chances, browse through our Hi-Vis clothing range today and choose the safety garments necessary for your profession.

Safety Footwear

 It is all too easy to ignore footwear when it comes to safety but a high quality pair of work boots or work shoes will provide you with an essential level of safety regardless of your profession. If you work on a construction site for example, it is necessary to protect your feet from falling objects with steel toe-cap boots while wellington boots are an excellent choice of footwear if you intend to work outdoors during the autumn or winter seasons.

At Falcon Industrial, we sell safety boots, wellingtons, trainers and rigger boots for a wide array of working environments from premium quality brands such as Caterpillar and Ambler. With top notch footwear available for all your safety needs, Falcon Industrial provides safety and peace of mind.

Eye Protection

According to Regulation 4 of the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations Act of 1992, wearing eye and face protection is a legal requirement for employees that work in hazardous areas. At Falcon Industrial, we supply a full range of goggles, safety spectacles and welding goggles to protect you from chemical splashes, high speed debris and other safety hazards.

If your job involves grinding, cutting or chipping, you are legally obliged to wear eye protection and we offer a range of stylish yet secure options for you to choose from. Your eyesight is far too precious to put at risk so use common sense and take the necessary precautions by purchasing suitable eye protection from our selection.

Head Protection

Head protection is essential in many industrial professions, which is why we at Falcon Industrial Supplies offer an array of head protection gear and equipment to suit your needs. Here you can find vented safety helmets, protective visors, helmets with retractable safety specs and more. Take a look at the head protection gear available here and order online today.

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