Faraday Tracing Bureau Ltd


FTB has been trading for over 32 years being the longest established tracing agency in the UK today with ISO 9001 accreditation. Specializing in mortality screening and tracing missing beneficiaries we are working with some of the largest pension schemes, pension consultants and insurance companies and have achieved ISO 9001 accreditation.

Tracing - We are experts at tracing missing beneficiaries whose schemes have incomplete or no current address details, these could be deferred members coming up to NRD, suspended or frozen pensions. Annually 10% of the population move home so it's not long before a database is out of date unless constant address validation takes place. With tighter pension and Data Protection legislation schemes are far more pro-active in finding missing members.

Mortality Screening - Pension funds are making payments to around 70,000 deceased persons every year. Schemes are at risk from two types of fraud, deliberate or inadvertent. Mortality screening checks your pensioner's information against data on death registers in England, Scotland and Wales to identify potential pension fraud effectively and discreetly. This process gives you peace of mind knowing that all pensioners being paid are entitled and will eliminate any fraudulent payments potentially saving thousands of pounds per annum.

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