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Feller is a world leader in design and manufacture of international POWER CABLES and CORD SETS

Feller power cords owe their unsurpassed quality reputation to the fact that both flexible cord and moulded ends are manufactured by Feller. Customers are assured of 100% colour-matching and state-of-the-art crimp connections between flexible cord and plugs/connectors.


Some of our products are:

Some of our products are:

  • Flexible Cords
  • Ungrounded Plugs
  • Grounded Plugs
  • Grounded Connectors
  • Ungrounded Connectors
  • Power Connectors
  • Grounded Connectors
Some of our products are:

Feller Quality

At Feller, Quality systems have been a household-word for more than a decade: the first Quality-system-approval - then
acc. to BS 5750, in the absence of applicable ISO- standards - was granted in 1986 (an Austrian first). 1989 was the upgrading of the system to ISO - 2008 modified according to 9001/2008.

The Quality system is audited in regular intervals by several international agencies, e.g. INTERTEK, SII, SABS. In addition,
ÖVE perform quarter-annual audits, and a team of UL-Inspectors visit Feller based on production-quantities, on average every 3rd week.

Product approvals have been granted by the Standards and Testing-agencies of the following countries: Japan, Australia, South Africa, USA, Canada, Israel, Great Britain, France, Italy, the Scandinavian Countries, Belgium, The Netherlands, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, China.

Quality-excellence rewards have been granted by customers such as IBM, XEROX, HP, FUJITSU, BSH, MIELE.

In 1993, Feller formulated its first Environmental Policy statement.

Feller Quality

A vast cable product range

  • Single Wires
  • Universal Cords - Harmonised plus UL/CSA-listed
  • SPT-Cords
  • Light-Duty Cords
  • Heavy-Duty Cords
  • Ordinary Duty Cords
  • Shielded Power- and Data-Cords
  • Data- and Telephone Cords

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A vast cable product range

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