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Our skilled team are expert GRP composite moulders provide fibreglass products to suit your requirement. We provide the complete fibreglass solution including consultancy, design, product development, manufacture, and delivery.  

Fibreglass Mouldings

At Fibreglass UK, we specialise in manufacturing fibreglass mouldings. We are experts in creating small and simple or large and complicated fibreglass mouldings suitable for a wide range of applications. We use material combinations to meet your specifications and colour requirements. Our mouldings are fantastic quality and cost effective.

GRP Composite Moulding

Fibreglasss UK supply GRP mouldings to be used in a variety of environments, both indoors and outdoors. Our GRP mouldings have many advantages including flexibility, durability, aesthetics, value for money, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Custom Mouldings

We specialise in the design and manufacture of custom mouldings, from one off pieces to multiple production products. Our custom mouldings are produced in a wide assortment of finishes and can be manufactured to simulate surfaces including slate, brick, copper, bronze, wood, stone, and brick.


GRP (glass reinforced plastic) is a versatile construction material as it is light weight, strong and available in a diverse range of colours and finishes. Our high-quality GRP products are suitable for unusual and specialist applications.  


Our fantastic range of mouldings are used throughout most industry sectors. Our mouldings are used in projects including signs, architecture, vehicles, marine, and leisure products.

Architectural GRP Fibreglass Engineers

We have many years experience in the design and manufacture of architectural GRP and fibreglass mouldings in diverse sizes and complex shapes. Fibreglass UK have worked on varying GRP composite projects over the years for builders, architects and designers. 

Automotive & Vehicle GRP Moulding of Panels & Body Parts

Fibreglass UK design and manufacture GRP composite moulded products and components for the automotive and vehicle markets. They include:

Interior and exterior fibreglass panels | GRP dashboard components | Fibreglass seats | GRP composite spoilers | Fibreglass sills | Light pods and surrounds | Corner caps and profiles.

We have the team and capabilities to produce fibreglass body parts and moulded components for cars, buses, vans, trucks, trains and general automotive vehicles. 


Construction & Building GRP Fibreglass Moulders

For many years we have been helping companies within the construction and building industry by designing, fabricating and supplying top quality GRP fibreglass moulding solutions.

We have worked on many diverse GRP composite applications, some of which include:

Concrete form work, Pre-cast concrete moulds, Lift shaft liners, Architectural components, Enclosures and housings, Tanking and waterproof solutions. No matter what size the project you have in mind, we are  always to work with projects of all sizes and shapes.

Custom & Bespoke Fibreglass Furniture Makers

For many years, Fibreglass UK have been designing and manufacturing bespoke fibreglass furniture for shops, stores, offices, malls, retail outlets, restaurants, bars, councils and other commercial purposes. 

Our facilities include some of the latest equipment, mixed in with experienced know-how in manufacturing a wide range of custom GRP furniture for various applications, which include: Public seating, chairs, stools, indoor & outdoor furniture, desks, bars, lamp shades, retail fibreglass furniture and display tables.

Gas, Electrical Utilities & Industrial Fibreglass Fabrication

GRP composite and fibreglass moulding for the Gas, Electrical Utilities and industrial sector is another one of our specialist areas at Fibreglass UK. 

We have much practical experience in designing and manufacturing industrial covers and panels, GRP electrical enclosures, cabinets, boxes, kiosks, control panels, protective industrial structures & housings, custom cable trays & ducts, water tanks, tank covers & flumes, modular roofing and walkways, shrouds, covers and guards, GRP building products. 

Along with many other parts and components we provide a full fibreglass fabrication service for. 

Interior Design GRP Fibreglass Moulding for Shops & Commercial

GRP or Fibreglass offers the perfect blend of shape and function, beauty and practicality for designers, architects and developers to use for interior and exterior purposes.

Fibreglass UK offer a full design and manufacturing solution for custom interior design features and products. This may include the following:

Public and group fibreglass seating - From one off pieces to many production runs. 
Custom chairs and stools in any shape, colour or specification. 
Fibrelass ceiling features.
Lighting and pendant lamp shades - from functional to the very special!
Bespoke planters of all shapes and sizes
Reception desks, tables, bars fronts and a lot more.



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