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Here at Fike UK, we are recognised around the world as a supplier of innovative products and services designed to protect people and critical assets from dangers including fire, explosion, and over-pressurization.

We supply cost effective bursting discs designed to provide a leak-tight seal inside a pipe or vessel, until the internal pressure rises to a predetermined level. Bursting discs rupture and prevent damage to equipment from overpressure. Our innovative solutions are well known for performance, reliability and quality.

Bursting Disc Holders

We have an impressive selection of high quality bursting disc holders. Our first-class bursting disc holders are designed and manufactured for easy installation and accurate performance.

Extruder Discs

We supply extruder disc devices as an advanced pressure relief device developed for overpressure protection of plastic extrusion processes. Our extruder discs are suited to unique applications with a variety of dimensions, threading, and body configuration.

Custom Bursting Discs

We supply custom bursting discs to suit your specialist requirements. Our highly experienced engineers and technical staff will collect all relevant information about your unique bursting disc application to develop the perfect custom bursting discs for your application.

Safety Relief Valves

We supply safety relief valves to protect many processes and your business. Our bursting discs are a cost effective method of protecting your safety relief valves by reducing exposure to corrosion, material build up and simmering. They are designed to extend the lifetime of important and expensive pieces of equipment.

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