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At Filling Solutions we have over 20 years industrial experience in the design and operation of automatic liquid filling machines and can supply all your requirements - from the small stand alone filling machines through to the sophisticated, fully automatic, conveyor filling and handling systems.

The StrongArm Liquid Filling Machine

Our robust StrongArm filling machine is designed for automatically filling or decanting industrial containers from 100 ml up to 1500 litre capacity. 

Traditional methods of container filling can be costly, both in terms of time and product waste due either to overfill (giveaway) or spillage. In addition, most methods rely on a high level of human interface and manual handling, which can present health and safety risks, as well as non- conformity to legal for trade requirements. The StrongArm concept addresses all of these issues in a single compact design. The simplicity of the design and build offers both a space and a cost effective solution, resulting in a machine which is easy to maintain and troubleshoot for engineers of all levels.

  • Suitable for filling/decanting containers from 100 ml to 1500 litre  
  • Wide range of ancillary equipment 
  • Compact, robust, clean stainless steel design  
  • Range of 'legal for trade weigh' platforms
  • Top, bottom or sub surface fill  
  • Low head height 
  • 360 degree working radius for optimum flexibility  
  • Range of filling lances to suit liquid 
  • Automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation  
  • Mobile or fixed versions - high maneuverability
  • High reliability-low maintenance  
  • Easy, low force operation 
  • ATEX certified version  
  • Volumetric, gravimetric, mass or flow metering 

ECO Arm Filler

The ECO Arm Filler is a radially mounted and gantry supported filling and decanting machine for industrial containers. This machine is ideal for smaller batch runs and for use with volumetric or flow type metering. A version for use in ATEX certified hazardous areas is available.   

  • Filling capacities from 5 litres up to 1500 litres 
  • Simple operation 
  • Gravimetric and volumetric versions 
  • ATEX certified version 
  • Range of legal for trade weigh platforms 

Single Container Filler

The Single Container Filler is a versatile semi-automatic machine for filling or decanting industrial containers ranging in capacity from 100 ml up to 1500 litres. Based around our highly successful StrongArm Filler, this unit can fill containers on pallets, tables or conveyors. It is fully mobile featuring lockable feet and adjustable jacks to accommodate unlevel flooring. Both gravimetric and volumetric versions are available. Machines for use in ATEX certified hazardous areas are also available.

  • Filling capacities from 100 ml up to 1500 litres 
  • Fully mobile with lockable feet 
  • Gravimetric and volumetric versions 
  • ATEX certified version 
  • Range of legal for trade weigh platforms 

Articulated Arm Tanker Filler

The Articulated Arm Filler is specifically designed for the top filling of road tankers. Based on the StrongArm Filler, this machine is designed to be mounted on a raised platform and has an extended 3 metre reach. The filler can be used in ATEX certified hazardous areas.

Complete Liquid Filling Systems

At Filling Solutions we have over 20 years industrial experience in the design and operation of liquid filling machines. Although our units are based around tried and tested standard modules, each machine and system is tailored for your application. We have extensive knowledge of liquid characteristics and behavior and can therefore provide exactly the right equipment to meet your needs. Our advice will also take into account any possible future expansions or changes in your operation to ensure equipment does not become obsolete unnecessarily.

Liquid Filling Technologies

  • Gravimetric filling and emptying  
  • On conveyor filling and emptying 
  • Volumetric filling and emptying  
  • On pallet filling and emptying 
  • Mass Flow fillng and emptying 
  • Mobile filling and emptying 
  • Drum filling and emptying  
  • Liquid filling 
  • Container filling and emptying 
  • Acid filling 
  • Automatic filling machines  
  • Semi-automatic filling machines 

SASH Filler

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Strong Arm Filler

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Strong Arm Filling Machine

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Safer, Faster Filling System

Solar Petroleum Limited have eliminated a health & safety issue, improved productivity and reduced cost by installing a new ‘StrongArm’ container filling system at their Widnes factory in Cheshire.

Manual Handling Risk Eliminated

Previously the company filled containers individually using a semi-automatic system whereby a 25 litre container was filled to a pre-set weight, moved by an operator to a pallet, and the procedure repeated until a full pallet of 40 containers was made up. The new system designed and installed by Filling Solutions of Hucknall, Nottingham, has totally eliminated the manual handling risk and increased productivity.

Says Andy Holland, Works manager of Solar Petroleum, “With the new StrongArm equipment, an operator positions 20 empty containers onto a pallet, and these are filled in one operation to an accurate fill weight. A second row of twenty containers are then placed on top of the capped and filled containers and the procedure repeated. The full pallet is then stretch-wrapped and moved to the warehouse.

Faster Production Speed and a more .......

Mr Holland continued, “We have totally eliminated the lifting of full containers, and we’ve increased filling speeds from 60 to 100 containers per hour. What’s more, we have been very impressed with the service we have received from Filling Solutions Ltd. who delivered the equipment on time and were on-hand to quickly iron out the usual minor issues associated with commissioning.

Further information is available by contacting the company on 01623550668 or by visiting their website

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