Filtrex have a comprehensive selection of carbon air filters. They can deliver their carbon air filters and install them if required.

They strive to provide a quick and efficient service in the delivery and installation of their carbon air filters. Filtrex can also remove and dispose of the replaced filter.

HEPA Air Filters

Filtrex have a wide range of high efficiency HEPA air filters. They can carry out on-site maintenance, servicing and cleaning to their HEPA air filters.

They offer a delivery and installation service for any of their HEPA air filters. Filtrex can also remove and dispose of the old filter. 

Dust Collection Air Filters

Filtrex are distributors of a wide selection of dust collection air filters. They offer both bag and cartridge dust collection air filters.

For further information on their dust collection air filters, please visit their website.

Ventilation Filters

Filtrex can distribute a wide selection of ventilation filters, including:

  • Panel filters
  • Media pads and frames
  • Grease filters
  • Bag filters

For more information on their ventilation filters please visit their website.

Fluid Filters

Filtrex are distributors of a wide range of fluid filters. They deliver their fluid filters and can install them if required. They can also remove and dispose of the old fluid filter.   

Filtrex offers a servicing and maintenance option for all of their fluid filters. This ensures they are in full working order and performing correctly.

Vacuum Pump Filters

Filtrex have a range of vacuum pump filters. Their range includes; air/oil separator filters, air inlet and fuel filters.

Filtrex stocks replacement blades and gasket kits for a wide selection of vacuum pump filters.

To see their full range of vacuum pump filters, please visit their website.

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