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Our fire escape repair services include the replacement and repair of cast iron railings and the repair of pavement escape hatches.

We specialise in fire escape repair and provide our customers with quality care at cost effective prices.

Fire Escape Supply & Fit

If you require a fire escape, you will need to discuss with your local authority what you can construct and do under the provisions of the Building Regulations. Local authorities will advise you on any planning permission needed.

Fire escape supply and fit is completed by an architect or structural engineer. They will provide you with technical information and drawings outlining the area for fire escape installation and its paint finishes and foundation requirements.

If you are unsure of any process during fire escape supply and fit we can liaise on your behalf and deal with fire authorities, engineers, surveyors, and architects.

Fire Escape Survey

We can carry out a fire escape survey giving a detailed report on the company's premises and the work taking place there. A fire escape survey is used to determine ways a fire could start and how it could be minimised.

A company will need to appoint a person to carry out the fire escape survey and needs to be aware of many points including identifying fire hazards, identifying individuals at particular risk of fire and the appropriate evaluating and protecting measures.

CAT Ladders

CAT ladders provide a means of escape in places where physical space is too small to install a staircase.

CAT ladders, like fixed steel ladders, are user friendly and ideal for plant rooms.

Disability Access For Fire Escapes

We also provide disability access for fire escapes and make adjustments to structures to allow everyone to safely leave premises.

Making buildings accessible for disabled people is a law outlined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. It includes a number a strategies to put in place to ensure disability access for fire escapes are in place.

High-Rise Fire Escape Systems

We also fit high-rise fire escape systems in buildings where people can be stuck on higher floors and corridors can quickly become blocked by fire and smoke.

A range of high-rise fire escape systems can provide alternative routes of safe escape and can be adapted with self contained lowering systems to rescue people from great heights. 

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