Fire Extinguishers Online


We have an extensive supply of fire extinguishers. They are supplied filled and come complete with a wall hanging bracket.

Our fire extinguishers carry a manufacturer's 5 year warranty. 

Fire Blankets

Our fire blankets come Kitemark certified to BS EN 1869:1997. We supply clam-type and pod-type fire blankets in a variety of sizes.

Storage and Protection

We provide products to aid you in the storage and protection of your fire safety goods. Including cabinets, fire extinguisher stands and transport boxes, we have storage and protection goods to fit most equipment.

Fire Extinguisher Stands

We have a complete range of fire extinguisher stands. They come in a variety of colours and materials.   We stock fire extinguisher stands that are:
  • single rotationally-moulded
  • double rotationally-moulded
  • stainless steel

Fire Extinguisher Transport Boxes

Our fire extunguisher transport boxes include a variety of vehicle extinguisher cabinets made from either GRP or polyethylene. Our fire extinguishers transport boxes can be supplied with or without keylocks for added security.

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