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TBA Textiles Ltd, established over 120 years ago is now one of the world's leading developers, manufacturers and suppliers of high performance textiles. With a large network of customers and distributors world-wide, TBA offer un-surpassed customer service and development.

We produce an extensive range of products for use in specific areas and for specialised applications and all products satisfy the strictest UK, European and International Standards, produced within the controlling influences of ISO9001.

Of particular interest to the Construction Industry is the development of the FIREFLY range of Passive Fire Protection Products. After more than 3 years developing and patenting a revolutionary lightweight, flexible Cavity Fire Barrier system, we now have a product that is specified and installed extensively throughout the UK. Airports, Hospitals, Schools, Food Processing Factories, Retail Outlets, Cold Rooms, Computer Rooms, Supermarkets and Warehouses are just a few of the type of projects where FIREFLY products have been and are currently being installed. The non fibre-migration properties of the products and simple installation methods make FIREFLY extremely user-friendly for the installer.

TBA Textiles also has vast range of other products available for various markets including, PRO-BLOC Fire Blocking and Anti-vandal fabrics for use in aircraft, trains and automobiles. FRICTION materials for use in clutch facings, brake linings etc. GLOTEX a unique heat resistant material for use in fabrication of protective clothing. Thermal Insulation products, including WELDSTOP and GRAFLEX, which withstand temperatures in excess of 1000°C and Insulation materials such as those used for fire blankets and mattresses.

Fire and Smoke Curtains

We manufacture fire and smoke curtains. We are proud to present the FIREFLY PHOENIX, the new low-cost, fully tested, fire and smoke barrier.

Fully Tested in Accordance with:

  • BS.476 Parts 20/22 - Three Metre Square Test
  • BS.476 Part6, Fire Propogation Test
  • BS.476 Part 7, Surface Spread of Flame
  • BS.5438 / 6249 "A" Class rating (Highest possible pass) for flammability
Fire and Smoke Curtains

Cavity Fire Barriers

FIREFLY Cavity Barriers, have been developed to provide compartmentation of structures, typically within roof voids and above suspended ceilings.

FIREFLY Cavity Fire Barriers are designed specifically to halt the passage of smoke and flame and to insulate the cold face of the barrier from the rapid temperature rises in a fire situation.


  • Testing to BS.476 Parts 20/22
  • Tested Penetration Management
  • Lightweight, clean, easy fixing methods
  • Manufactured from non-respirable materials
  • Positive fixing to perimeters
  • Some products suitable for use horizontally
  • FLYPLUS provides LPCB Certification
Cavity Fire Barriers

Firefly Canopies and Downlight Covers

Tests have shown that without the canopy in place, fire and smoke would penetrate through the recessed light fitting in seconds, spreading into the void or room above, endangering both lives and property.

The FIREFLY Canopy or Downlight cover will provide 60 minutes protection, by completely containing the fire and smoke within the cover, whilst at the same time allowing the heat from the light fitting to dissipate through the cover.


Fully tested to BS.476 Parts 20&23 Clause 5. Also meets the requirements of Class 'O' materials.

The FIREFLY Canopy or Downlight is:

  • Fully tested product
  • Patented design
  • Only product of its type to be LPC Accredited
  • Lightweight
  • Self supporting
  • Resistant to tearing and abrasion
  • Manufactured from non-respirable materials
  • Simple to install
  • Requires no prior fixing
  • No special fixings required
  • Can be fitted from above or below
  • Suitable for suspended and modular ceilings
  • Various sizes available
Firefly Canopies and Downlight Covers

Penetration Management

FIREFLY have developed a unique, fully tested Penetration Management system. The Collar and Collaroll are suitable for situations where penetrations or multiple penetrations pass through the  Barrier. If these penetrations were not “sealed-off”, fire and smoke would easily pass through the gaps made by the pipes, electric cables, cable trays etc. etc.

The collars and collarolls have a flange attached, which when installed correctly, sits flush up against the barrier providing a complete seal. The individual  Collar is supplied 1 metre in length x 300mm depth x 90mm flange, this collar is suitable for penetrations of up to 300mm diameter.

The Collaroll is supplied 10 metres in length x 300mm depth x 90 mm flange, this roll is suitable for multiple penetrations, and is more cost effective to use, as there is very little wastage because the collars can be cut to the exact size required.

Both products are Green in colour and are not supplied in any other colour.

Penetration Management


In tune with the needs of the Industry and possible future legislation concerning the installation of passive fire protection materials, FIREFLY are providing professional and comprehensive training to Contractors to install FIREFLY products. It is absolutely imperative that passive fire protection products are installed correctly, and with this in mind the FIREFLY Training Course was developed.

The Training programme is designed to be practical and "hands-on", enabling candidates to achieve a high standard of workmanship, ensuring professional standards are maintained, during the installation of  products.

The  Training Course is both LPCB and FIRAS Approved.


Training Facilities Offered By  Are As Follows:-

  • Cost of Training - £100/Person, payable in advance
  • Fully refundable on purchase of £1000 worth of  goods (copy invoice to be sent to TBA Head Office at Rochdale)
  • Training at either Reading (South) or Rochdale (North)
  • Up to 6 people can be accommodated in any one session

Marine Fire Insulation

The NAUTILUS MFA60SB is a lightweight easy to install “A60″ Class fire barrier, from only 15 mm nominal thickness of product, and approx 5.4kg/m2 for steel bulkheads and decks.

There are many unique advantages with the NAUTILUS products in that the simple installation method negates the need for weld pins, thus giving tremendous savings on installation time and costs.

* No requirement for weld pins
* Quick application
* Can be integrated into first fix system
* Fixed top and bottom only
* Very resistant to abrasion
* Clean installation with minimal clean up
* Work can be carried out off ship
* No need to evacuate ship during application
* No requirement for additional skin
* Easy to remove/refit during service
* Material is flexible with no fibre migration
* Fully tested to IMO, Solas and USG standards
* GL Approved

Marine Fire Insulation


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