Fireprotect (Chester) Ltd


Fireprotect are manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke thermal insulation products that can be tailored to suit your business, regardless of size. We pride ourselves on first class customer services, cost effective and efficient service.

Ceramic Glazing Tape - for fire resistant glazing systems in commercial buildings and fire doors

Intumescent Tape - Protection of vertical timber surfaces and door furniture

Protect-A-Shield - used to shield a horizontal, vertical or curved surface

Protect-A-Pad - a fire retardant silica cloth with fibrous infill, to withstand 1000°C

FP/007 - a water based glue capable of withstanding 1000 °C

FP/100 - ideal for coating fibre or textiles

Armaflex Protect R-90 - Flexible fire penetration seal and pipe insulation

Ceramic Blanket - 1260°C rated insulation

If you can’t find what you're looking for and need more information please use our contact us page, or simply just give us a call!

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