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We are specialists in flexible conduits. Our A-series is ideal for general applications offering flexibility and durability. Our A-series of flexible conduits not only ensures fast insertion of cables, but also offers a high ingress protection of IP65 without the use of tools.

Electrical Contractors

At Flex-It, we are specialist electrical contractors supplying a wide variety of cable management and containment products for a number of industries. As experienced electrical contractors, we have a comprehensive selection of wiring and cabling accessories with access to a wealth of resources offering many benefits to our customers.

For more information please call our technical sales office  01530 812195

Flexible Conduit Contractor Packs

Flexible conduit contractor packs provide both conduit and relevant fittings as a complete and convenient easy to carry pack. We have a wide selection of conduits to choose from to complete your ideal flexible conduit contractor pack, whatever your budget or application.

Please e-mail us for more information sales@flex-it.co.uk

Wiring Accessories

Our wiring accessories come in many varieties of connection boxes either with a 15A termination block or empty, with many colours to choose from. Manufactured from HDPE, our supply of wiring accessories in connection boxes come with the following beneficial features:

  • Tidy and compact
  • Can pass through a 50mm diameter hole - ideal for down-light applications
  • Removable lid which has a snap fit
  • Cables are kept secure - two cable clamps

Retractable Coiled Cables

At Flex-It, our highly knowledgeable staff are committed to assist customers with finding solutions for retractable coiled cables and their applications. We manufacture high quality retractable coiled cables to the highest standards with a current maximum closed coil length at one metre.

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