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Manufacturer of bulk solids handling equipment including flexible screw conveyors; tubular cable conveyors; pneumatic conveying systems; bulk bag unloaders, conditioners, and fillers; drum, box, and container dumpers; weighbatching and blending stations; and engineered systems integrated with new or existing processes. Manufactured to industrial, food, dairy and pharmaceutical standards.

Bulk Material Conveying Solutions

Guaranteed Solutions to Your Specific Bulk Material Conveying Problem
• FLEXICON® Flexible Screw Conveyors convey free-flowing and difficult-to-handle materials that pack, cake, seize or smear over short to medium distances, without separation of blends
• FLEXI-DISC® Tubular Cable Conveyors convey fragile bulk foods and non-foods gently through smooth stainless steel tubing using low-friction polymer discs attached to galvanized, stainless or Nylon-encapsulated stainless cable
• PNEUMATI-CON® Pneumatic Conveying Systems convey free-flowing materials short to long distances with multiple pick-up and discharge points and automated controls
Stand-alone units to weigh batching configurations to automated plant-wide systems backed by Flexicon’s Lifetime Performance Guarantee

Bulk Material Conveying Solutions

Bulk Bag Handling Solutions

Ready-Made Solutions to Your Specific Bulk Bag Handling Problem
• Bulk bag discharging: Save time, money and space with BULK-OUT® Multi-Function Bulk Bag Dischargers. Available with mechanical and pneumatic conveyors, flow promotion devices, bag dump access, automated weigh batching packages, and much more.
• Bulk bag conditioning: Loosen material solidified during storage and shipment with BLOCK-BUSTER® Bulk Bag Conditioners. Standalone units or integrated with bulk bag dischargers
• Bulk bag filling: Fill one bulk bag per week or 20 per hour with REAR-POST, TWIN-CENTREPOST™, and SWING-DOWN® Bulk Bag Fillers. Exact-match a filler to your specific cost and capacity requirements.


Bulk Bag Handling Solutions

Sanitary Equipment

Ultra-clean construction for contamination-sensitive applications

Virtually all Flexicon bulk handling equipment is available constructed and finished to meet the requirements of food, dairy and pharmaceutical processors: constructed of stainless steel with ground and polished welds and finished to meet 3-A or USDA specifications or other customer requirements.

The line includes flexible screw conveyors, tubular cable conveyors, pneumatic conveying systems, bulk bag conditioners, unloaders and fillers, bag dump stations, drum dumpers, and weigh batching/blending stations.

Flexicon equipment also offers innovative design features enabling processors to minimize washdown time, eliminate cross-contamination, avoid plant contamination and verify cleanliness -- rapidly, efficiently and safely.

Sanitary Equipment

Engineered Bulk Handling Systems

Manage large-scale bulk handling projects with control and efficiency unique to Flexicon

Flexicon's Project Engineering Division can assume single-source responsibility for engineering, integrating, automating and supporting your large-scale bulk handling project—and guarantee its performance.

Project Managers Dedicated To Your Success

Single point-of-contact through every phase of development

Strict adherence to your unique standards, documentation requirements and timelines

Engineering Teams Ensure Smooth Integration

Over 20,000 bulk handling installations worldwide provide essential breadth and depth of experience

Effectiveness Only a Major Manufacturer Can Provide

Engineering, manufacturing, outsourcing, integration, programming and validation of your project from a single source

Engineered Bulk Handling Systems

Test Laboratories

Test bulk handling equipment and systems with your materials

Flexicon test laboratories are equipped with full size bulk handling equipment and systems that are readily reconfigured to simulate customer installations. Using customer supplied bulk materials, engineers and laboratory technicians verify system performance prior to final equipment design and fabrication, and demonstrate newly constructed equipment prior to shipment.

Both the pneumatic and mechanical test laboratories include a comprehensive range of system components, plus related equipment such as bulk bag dischargers, bulk bag fillers, manual dumping stations, automated weigh batching systems and other pieces designed to interface with conveying systems. 

Test Laboratories
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