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We are specialist designers, manufacturers and installers of thermoplastic tanks and GRP tanks.

All of our GRP tanks are designed and manufactured to BS 4994:1987. Over 35 years, we have continually built upon a reputation as market leaders in the supply of GRP tanks to many industries including chemical, water and pharmaceutical.

We are manufacturers of a diverse variety of GRP storage tanks in numerous materials from 100 litres to 150,000 litres. Many tanks are widely used as water storage and chemical storage tanks.

Thermoplastic Chemical Storage Tanks

We manufacture and supply many differing designs of thermoplastic chemical storage tanks, all built to provide unbeatable durability and corrosion resistance. Our thermoplastic chemical storage tanks are often used for hazardous chemical storage and non-hazardous chemical storage.

Options include:

Thermoplastic Pipework

We are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of thermoplastic pipework. Our thermoplastic pipework is available in many differing materials including: ABS, CPVC, HDPE, polypropylene, PVDF and UPVC.

We also supply reinforced plastic pipework in Celmar/GRP, CPVC/GRP, PVDF/GRP, UPVC/GRP and GRP.

Salt Saturators

We manufacture and supply salt saturators to relieve the need for manual handling of bags of salt. Salt saturators are now a requisite in many industries and applications and our products are unbeatable for diversity and quality.

We offer salt saturators starting at eight tonne and up to 70 tonne capacity (other volumes available on request). The shells of our salt saturators are translucent and incorporate a UV stabiliser in order that the salt and water levels can be readily seen. The tops and bases are pigmented mid blue as standard, but any alternative colour to BS2800 can be supplied.

Brine Systems

For all of your brine systems requirements, we have the solutions for you. We are suppliers of complete turnkey brine systems ranging from the most basic to more complex designs depending on your needs.

Options include:


We are suppliers and installers of a vast selection of pumps for an immense range of applications and specific requirements. We will always endeavour to specify pumps most suited to purpose and budget.

Related services include:

  • Pump Installation, including all cabling, and wiring
  • Grouting of pump base plates to ensure correct alignment
  • Pump and motor alignment - initial and at service intervals
  • Replacement of pump seals, oil changes, and all aspects of routine maintenance

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