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Established in 1992, Flow Mech Products supply industrial pumps and pumping equipment throughout the UK. Our external sales force work country wide and is backed up by internal sales engineers with a wealth of technical knowledge and experience - as well as our own commissioning/site engineers.

Flow Mech Products are based in central England and specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke cold water booster sets, sealed system pressurisation units and building services pumps. We stock a wide range of pumps, RPZ valves, pressure reducing valves, dosing pots, air & dirt separators and flexible connections.

Over many years, Flow Mech Products have built a reputation for manufacturing specialised units. These include building to suit restricted spaces, overcoming access difficulties, or simply building one-off pump packages to exacting customer requirements. These units include bespoke booster sets, filtration units, heat exchangers and combination skids.

We have a range of products

  • Cold water booster sets
  • Pressurisation
  • Filtration Units
  • Chemical Dosing Pots
  • Air & Dirt Separators
  • Flanged/Flexible Bellows & Braided Flexibles
  • Flow Regulator/Service Valves
  • Combination Valve Flow Regulation/Strainers
  • Float Switches and Hanger Kits
  • Expansion Vessels
  • Submersibles
  • RPZ Valves/Pressure Reducing Valves
We have a range of products

Servicing Commissioning

We specialise in commissioning our own booster sets and most other manufacturers single or multiple booster sets.

Our fully trained engineers are able to carry out 6 monthly servicing of most types of booster sets either on a contract or individual quotation basis.

We offer a full commissioning facility for Flow Mech Products pressurisation units along with many other brands of pressurisation.

We can deliver annual servicing contracts covering most types of units and are backed by a comprehensive repair service.

As this is a legal requirement, our WRAS approved engineers are available at competitive rates for most makes of RPZ valves.

of just some of our products can be seen below:

Servicing Commissioning

Cold Water Booster Sets

 FP Booster Set (with Break Tank option)

  • Variable speed variable flow constant pressure booster setPump control: Hydrovar frequency inverter - approved for 100% under the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme
  • Balanced control of pressure & flow with up to four inverters communicating for the smoothest assist operation
  • Flow rates:- 0.5 L/S - 120 L/S multistage / 2 L/S - 200 L/S end suction
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Pump option - vertical multistage or end suction
  • Break Tank option: GRP pre-insulated WRAS listed break tank mounted over or alongside complete with WRAS listed low level protection float switch.

 Download (pdf): FP Variable Speed Booster Set

Cold Water Booster Sets


Micro-S Pressurisation Unit

Main features include:-

  • Compact wall-hung design
  • Possibly the smallest full sized peripheral pump operated pressurisation unit in the UK
  • Non-dependant on mains pressure to satisfy system pressure requirements
  • Option of second float valve where water mains pressure is low
  • All mechanical connections exit the base. Electrical connections on either side.
  • Strong 1.5mm mild steel construction fully powder coated
  • Pump anti seize pulse feature
  • Economically priced

 Download (pdf): Micro-S Pressurisation Unit


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