Flowplant Group Ltd


Flowplant are an innovative and focused engineering group.

Flowplant’s products have an enviable reputation for technical excellence, reliability and longevity; qualities which come from more than forty years of manufacturing experience.

Flowplant is the owner of some of the best known and respected brands in the high pressure fluid engineering industry including: Harben, Aqua and Neolith, these famous names are all registered trademarks of the Flowplant group. The Group maintains the value of these brands by being an industry leader in terms of quality and technical innovation, working with both the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) and the University of Bath to improve its production standards and product range.

Flowplant is a member of the Water Jetting Association (WJA) and the Company has attained a number of externally verified quality standards including; BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and Rolls Royce vendor approval.

Flowplant manufacturers it equipment from its site in Salisbury, in the UK and has service depots in Glasgow, Rotherham & Barking as well as a subsidiary in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The Group employs approximately 45 people.

We are experienced exporters; approximately 70% of our output is sold outside the UK. We have significant markets in Europe and the USA, as well as China, Malaysia, Brazil, Nigeria and Australia but product has been shipped to more than 80 countries.

Flowplant has among its customers, some of the world’s most prestigious, high profile, technically demanding corporations. We care deeply about what our customers think of our products and encourage open and honest partnerships with them in all our activities. We work hard to ensure that the orders and projects entrusted to us are delivered in a safe and environmentally aware manner which exceeds our customers’ expectations.

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