FM Nicholson (Materials Handling) Ltd

Based in the Northwest of England NICHOLSON have supplied conveyors and conveyor systems both in the U.K. and overseas for over 40 years.

With our Technical Sales and Design office we are able to specify and manufacture both standard and special conveyors and handling equipment for many applications.

Systems include gravity roller conveyors, powered roller conveyors, (chain edge and lineshaft ), chain conveyors and slat conveyors.

NICHOLSON manufacture special Lift, Rotation and Tilt units for applications as diverse as mattress manufacture and truck engine assembly.

In addition NICHOLSON also manufacture light duty high speed conveyors for coin handling and extra heavy duty indexing slat conveyors for loads up to 50 tonnes.

Accuracy can also be built in for conveying operations with robots requiring loads to be positioned within +/- 0.5mm
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