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Busy people rarely get time to stop. Everything is on the go and at high speed. Whatever you’re doing, healthy nutrition is essential and Focused Nutrition products are filled to the brim with it.

Good, wholesome food is so much more than just 'nice to eat', it is essential to health, growth, recovery, replenishment and general well-being.

Here at Focused Nutrition, we specialise in creating winning recipes and baking nutritious, healthy flapjacks. All of our flapjacks are handmade by professional bakers who are considerably skilled in this specialist area of baking.

We’re proud of what we’ve created

Hand Crafted Health in a Flapjack

We can easily manufacture energy and food bars to your specific nutritional requirements, including:

  • High protein content bars for sports nutrition.
  • Bars to suit special dietary requirements like no wheat gluten.
  • Soft, tasty snacks for schoolchildren and the elderly.
  • Power bars for pick-me-up energy boosts.

Whatever you’ve got in your mind, we’ve got the answers in ours. 


Hand Crafted Health in a Flapjack

The Healthy Flapjack Manufacturer

We provide a great deal of organisations who have been working with us for many years. The range of which include our very own “Functional Food”, which contains a Breakfast Bar, Omega Bar (Omega3 & 6) a Protein Enriched range and a “No Added” range of flapjacks with no added salt, wheat, or dairy.

We can happily create a unique brand of flapjacks and healthy nutritional products especially suited to you. Your stamp, your badge and your branding, all backed by with our great taste, quality, consistency and value.

The Healthy Flapjack Manufacturer

Nourishment for Busy People

We label all of our products clearly, giving our customers the health information they need to know they are making a wise choice.

We’re passionate about good health and understand your energy needs as the days rush by. An energy burst from an easily digestible product is just the thing to help people through their day. Focused Nutrition products provide it in ways that buyers keep coming back for more.

Not only does it taste good, they know it does them good.

Nourishment for Busy People


We’ve worked hard with our recipes to create a range of nutritiously healthy flapjacks that satisfy the tastes of our loyal and discerning customers. 

True, it took years of taste testing and experimentation, but … active people with fast lives love our products – from executives to athletes, mums to schoolchildren, boardrooms to lunch breaks and everything in between.

To their way of thinking – “It’s better than a bar of chocolate!”

Our range encompasses eight immensely popular APPLEJACKS flavours in our ” Just Nice to Eat” range, with the emphasis placed firmly on taste and quality.

Good to eat and packed with great tasting flavour. For health on the hoof, look no further!


Nutrition Bar Manufacturer

Your business is uniquely special. It’s like no other. It has its own brand, stamp, style and individuality. We respect that – and we respect your own vision and direction. Something in mind brought you here. Let’s work together and make your vision happen.

We have the know-how and the knowledge to help you, by using our experience and expertise, alongside your vision, we will create unique products that will boost your bottom line and your profits.

Nutrition Bar Manufacturer

Fivaday Flapjack Range

It’s simple – eat well and look great. That’s why we developed the FIVADAY range.

We listened to our customers who said:

  • Make it smaller
  • Add more fruit
  • Lower the calories
  • Create an option for smaller appetites.

So, we …

  • Made it smaller for smaller appetites, such as children and our older customers.
  • Added more fruit to make a great contribution to 5–a-day.
  • Cut the calories per portion making it better for weight management – more taste, with fewer calories.
Fivaday Flapjack Range
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