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Foerster UK Limited are suppliers of non-destructive testing instruments, systems and consumables. We provide the most comprehensive product range for non-destructive testing, metal detection and magnetics. Visit our website now for more information on NDT Equipment.

Semi-Finished Product Testing

We provide automatic Non-destructive testing of Semi-Finished Products such as: Wire, Bar, Tube and Profile. We produce Semi-Finished Product Testing for the metalworking industry.
For more information on Semi-Finished Product Testing, please visit our website.

Component Testing

Foerster offer the following testing applications: Magnetic Induction MAT and Microstructure Testing, Eddy-current crack testing and Automation Eddy-current Testing systems.
Please visit our website for further details on Component Testing.

Metal Detectors and Magnetics

We offer a range of Metal Detectors and Magnetics including Ferex Detection, Minex Detection, NDT Magnetics and software. See our website now for more information on Metal Detectors and Magnetics.

Portable testing and measuring devices

Foerster manufactures and markets portable testing and measuring devices. We also supply special eddy current probes for the crack testing and microstructure inspection. Please see our website now for more information on Mobile testing and measuring equipment, Eddy current special probes and Die-sinking EDM of test flaws.

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Contact Foerster in the UK: Foerster UK Limited, 2 Bonehill Mews, Lichfield Street, Fazely, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B78 3QU

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