Force Logic UK Ltd


Force Logic UK Ltd
- manufacture precision Load Cells and Strain Gauge Transducer Systems
supply load monitoring and force measurement instrumentation systems

From individual components to complete force measurement systems, Force Logic UK will provide a solution to your measurement situation.

Strain Gauging Service

Utilising our strain gauge bonding expertise, our Strain Gauging service is used by OEMs, educational & research institutions and engineers for various structural integrity, force measurement and stress analysis purposes. Whilst many components are free-issued for strain gauges to be fitted, we often work with customers on the design and fabrication of load bearing components to achieve optimum results from the measurement system.

Load Cell Calibrations

Whether supplied by us, or by a third party, we will calibrate any load cell/force transducer/instrument combination to maintain validity of measurements and continuity of Quality Standards.

Our calibration reference equipment is meticulously maintained with traceability to UKAS.

Load Cell Repairs

We undertake repairs to any type of load cell or force transducer system. Depending on the work required and availability of components, we are usually able to offer a quick turnaround to minimize system down-time. Where original equipment replacements are no longer available, repairing broken load cells can be cost effective by preventing modifications to accept different products.

In most cases the items can be repaired to original specification. Should they be damaged beyond repair, a fit-for-fit replacement can be supplied.

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