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We design composite manhole covers combining a watertight and lightweight design. They are manufactured ideally for petroleum filling stations and can improve the fuel tight pavement on site.

Composite manhole covers are designed with a wealth of key benefits including anti-slip surfaces to help when the conditions are wet or icy, a lightweight design to reduce the risk of injury or damage during installation, and a variety of security options to allow these manhole covers to be used in prisons, embassies, airports and other places at risk from terrorist activity.

Our modular composite manhole covers are suited for use when only partial access is required and the modular designs provide a substantial HSE advantage by reducing the open entry size.

Watertight Underground Draw Pit Chambers

Our watertight underground draw pit chambers can be tailored to suit a variety of applications and make even the most challenging projects easy.

Watertight underground draw pit chambers are constructed around a polyethylene chamber interfaced to a suitable size. Chambers can also be divided into sections to allow an individual chamber to be used for multiple cabling solutions.

The benefits of underground draw pit chambers are they are quick to install, cost effective, and available in a range of load ratings and colours to match customer needs.

Sumps and Containment Chambers

Our sumps and containment chambers are available in our own range of Chamber Tite tank sumps. They enable the construction of pipework, submersible pumps and other equipment installed above petroleum storage tanks.

The features of sumps and containment chambers include a watertight rota lock lid with replaceable seal. They are moulded from high quality polyethylene to provide high stability and superior compatibility in all ground conditions. 

Manhole Security

Our manhole security measures prevent manholes from being stolen and to avoid people falling into open chambers if they are removed. Manhole security also stops the opening from being tampered with by potential terrorists or malicious persons.

We classify our manhole security options into groups. Low risk measurements prevent thieves and pranksters from gaining access. Medium risk is slightly higher and avoids people with criminal intent from tampering with the manhole. High risk deterrents are designed to keep all people out.

For high risk security, we employ a Stabiloc clamp used to prevent lever removal when an attempt to remove it occurs, it records the event. This high risk security measure is ideal for use in chambers with high risk infrastructure, petrol stations, chemical plants, government offices, prisons, hospital, and airports.

Easy Range

We supply the Easy range of products created to assist organisations in having a safe working environment. Easy range products are suited for use in the construction industry and are designed to help give solutions to key problems often experienced in construction projects.

Products include items such as the Easy-Cross, a versatile trench cover for use during maintenance, repair and construction periods. The Easy-Kerb is lightweight, portable ramp designed for commercial and private use. The Easy-Plate is a unique product manufactured to offer a safe means of maintaining traffic flow during construction works on roads and pavements.  

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