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~~Fikus Visualcam for Wire EDM is a versatil and useful solution designed to produce easy and quickly 2 and 4 axes programs, and including innovative functions oriented to increase user’s productivity and profitability. The efficient Wizards guide the user through the programming logical process, and, using the cutting conditions database included, you can reduce drastically your working hours. Fikus Visualcam incorporates the most advanced calculation algorithms and it is the first CAM system to offer a complete commercial solution for 4X no-core-cuts.

ejecutando los cortes programados con Fikus VisualcamEasy to use. The CAM Manager leads the user through the logical sequential process of the Wire EDM programming, from defining the geometry and creating the part to cut, to the process definition and calculation.

Create and modify the geometry. The Fikus powerful CAD offers you a maximum versatility in the creation and modification of your geometries. Whether you have to build your geometries from a drawing or you import it from a CAD system and you must modify it, Fikus Visualcam offers powerful functions to create and edit your CAD work:
•Functions to generate and modify wireframe geometry
•Extract contours and work with surfaces
•Create gears, rack gears, texts and dimensions
•Fast edit functions to move, copy, scale and modify the geometry
•Unlimited “do & undo” function


Cimatron CAD CAM

For over 32 years, Cimatron has been available to meet the unique needs of mould makers around the world. This software solution has been optimised to reduce design and production times, whilst increasing productivity and profit without compromising quality. with in excess of 40,000 licenses from small to large.

As an integrated solution, all departments can work on the same project in parallel, having confidence that if the design changes, this will be automatically communicated to all involved. The ECO manager will manage part revisions and changes with ease.

ForeGone Solutions can offer the unique Stand alone Cimatron Electrode solution.

Cimatron CAD CAM

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