Forge-Met Steel Co. Ltd


Founded in 1988, Forge-Met Steels a stockholder of hot & cold work tool steels, plastic mould and high speed steels in the following grades:

A2, D2, D3, EN24T, EN30B, H13, H21, M2, O1, P20, 1.2086, 1.2747, 1.2767, 440B, 420 Stainless & H13 ESR

Specialising in flat bars cut specifically to customer requirements, Forge-Met can now additionally offer a full range of grinding services including:

  • Segmental & Bevel Grinding 3000mm x 250mm ground to 0.1mm
  • Segmental Grinding 48" x 15" ground to 0.1mm
  • Line Grinding to 0.001"
  • Rotary and Segmental Grinding to 0.002"

With the stockholding and cutting facilities in Sheffield, Forge-Met are able to stock for customers specific requirements and to cut to customers exact order specification.

Add to this the production facilities at our Austrian Parent: Schmiedetechnik Breitenfeld GmbH, who can offer from small batch orders to full melt production quantities in the following products:

Ingots, billets and forged blocks, bars, rings and discs in ESR, VAR or conventional melt materials in the following steel groups;

  • Heat treatable
  • Case Hardening
  • Nitriding
  • High Temperature
  • Plastic Mould
  • Creep Resistant
  • Stainless
  • Hot Work Tool
  • Cold Work Tool
  • High Speed Steels
  • Offshore Qualities


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