Formaplex Machining Ltd.

Formaplex provides the fastest tooling solutions to support customer product development programmes, supplying prototype mouldings, prototype and low volume injection mould tooling, compression and RRIM mould tools.

Tooling is produced under defined technical disciplines using 'Real Time Machining' shopfloor programming and true anti-collision detection, giving quality-driven, proactive manufacture and rapid results.

Our machines use shrink fit tooling as standard for the highest quality milling, and customer privileged Web access alows jobs to be monitored with real-time evaluation of their progress.

Formaplex has supported the major F1 Motor Sports teams since its formation, and also has customers across a range of industries:
  • automotive
  • marine
  • aerospace and defence
  • domestic and industrial products
  • telecoms and electronics

We create master models and patterns for:
  • wind tunnels
  • composite tooling
  • vacuum forms
  • metal casting
  • concept design aids

Plus jigs and fixtures for:
  • assembly
  • inspection
  • drilling

And component parts:
  • metal
  • plastic
  • complex geometries
  • large parts - 2.5m
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