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Machine Safety Guards

Welcome to Formwell Plastics

Specialist Suppliers of Plastic Machine Safety Guards

We specialise in Injection Moulding, Vacuum forming and Plastic fabrication and supply service to all sectors of industry. 

We provide a plastics fabrication service to trade and industry with experience in the design and manufacture of:-

  • Industrial containers
  • Machine Guards, equipment guards, safety guards and enclosures
  • Point of sale displays and stands.

We have services to include all the usual production processes.

Based in Leicester, we have years of experience to bring to bear on your plastics needs. We undertake long run, short run and pre-production/prototyping services and can provide tooling and jigs from your plans using the latest CNC technology.

We have invested heavily in technology to allow us to provide a fast turnaround and are accredited to ISO 9002 standards to fulfil all your quality requirements.

Please look around the website and see how Formwell can provide solutions for all your plastics needs.

Injection Moulding
Vacuum Forming
Plastic Fabrication


We regularly undertake moulding of complex shapes and parts that are intricate or difficult to mould. Let us use our expertise to progress your job from design, through prototyping, to production. 

We can supply in-house design assistance, with auto-cad trained personnel, or traditional drafting methods to help you get your idea from the drawing board to the market place.

Most modern injection materials are catered for and we can mould with varying levels of purity from virgin down to re-grind to suit all levels of pricing.

A Wide array of colours are also available.

We can have moulds made to your requirements for most sizes - or use your own.

Hot or cooled moulds dependant on the specific job.

We can mould up to 115 ton Lock/150g shot and have both horizontal and vertical capability


Vacuum Forming

We provide a vacuum forming service to all sectors. We have production facilities for sizes up to 1270 x 762mm (406mm draw).

Our vacuum services start with mould making and, where required, prototyping. If you don't already have moulds we use our CAD/CNC production facilities to create them.

Depending on the intended production volume, moulds are available in MDF, Resin or Aluminum. 

We can arrange for special textures, such as electrostatic flocking, to be applied to you moulded forms affording greater flexibility and further customer choice.

For ALL your forming needs from the most simple to the most complex, contact Formwell

Vacuum Forming


We provide a plastics fabrication service to trade and industry with experience in the design and manufacture of:-

  • Industrial containers
  • Machinery and equipment guards and enclosures
  • Point of sale displays and stands

We have services to include all the usual production processes:- Cutting, Bending, Milling, Routing, Drilling, Polishing, Flame-Polishing, Jointing, Glueing, Trimming, Finishing



Here at Formwell we have invested heavily in the latest equipment to allow us to provide you  the customer with the fastest, most accurate, most efficient and cost effective solution to all your moulding, forming and fabrication requirements.

Below are just some of the machines that we use for your plastics production requirements.

Moulding Machines
Vacuum Forming Machines
Fabrication Equipment
Mould Making/Assembly

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