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Fortris Load Secure is a UK Manufacturer of Dunnage Bags, Lashing and Strapping and Plastic Slip Sheets. We also supply stretch film, ratchet straps, edge protectors, desiccent bags and recently started to add Scaffolding equipment such as bulk bags. Fortris Load Secure has over 40 years experience in the logistics and transport industry. Based from our UK office and warehouse in Burntwood West Midlands, supplying German engineered Polyester strapping, webbing straps, lashing and dunnage bags throughout the UK and Ireland. Fortris UK products are very effective in securing and stabilizing the cargo in sea containers, trailers, railcars and vessels.

UK Manufactured Paper dunnage bags supplied by Fortris consist of an outer skin made of semi-extensible and form-stable kraft paper transmitting the forces of our airbags. The inner skin, called inliner, is manufactured from coextruded polyethylene (PE) and holds the air within the bag. 

Woven dunnage bags with an outer skin from robust and environmentally-resistant polypropylene are best suited for heavy load and unfavorable climatic conditions. Our woven dunnage bags are available in standard sizes (60 x 90 cm to 120 x 225 cm) and two versions with differing strengths of the outer skin as well as with two different valves. Our especially designed ultra flat valve facilitates the use of our bags in tight gaps and those which are difficult to access, while our standard valve ideally serves most conditions.

Dunnage Bags

Our website will provide load securing solutions for companies in transport & logistics, scaffolders, freight services, engineering and manufacturing. We aim to provide full support and guidance on choosing the correct load securing solution for any application. Our strapping and lashing is Germanischer Lloyd approved and our Dunnage Bags are ISO 9001:2008 compliant. Fortris Load Secure will offer customers the opportunity to purchase our products online via a secure payment gateway. 

Dunnage Bags

Composite Strapping

Composite Strapping also known as ‘Synthetic Steel’ is the latest development in the strapping technology. These straps are manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns embedded in a polymer coating, to allow great strength and durability to secure any cargo in place. Due to the breakthrough in the new manufacturing method this product is tried and tested to be better than metal straps. Composite Straps are as strong as steel, also due to its base component polyester it doesn’t have any sharp edges which could damage your goods. Furthermore unlike metal it doesn’t rust or rot, it is weather proof. Also due to its elastic type component it has high capacity to absorb shocks during transport and it’s fast and easy to handle. This product can be used with galvanised wire buckle and cord strap tensioner. There are various different sizes ranging from 13mm to 32mm to allow the best straps for your cargo.

Composite Straps are used with Galvanised Wire Buckles. These are specially designed buckles to withstand strap tension and the special coating to avoid rusting. The buckles are designed to allow easy threading making them more cost effective and efficient with the longer product life. Galvanised buckles can be used in various different types of terrains, due to its resistance to weather. Furthermore due to its self-locking system you are able to avoid strap slipping and inevitably avoiding accidents. Just like the Composite Straps we offer a range of different sizes to fit out various different sizes of composite straps. Our Galvanised buckle sizes range from 13mm to 32mm.

To allow for easy dispense of the composite strap we have a range of Strap Dispensers, with a range of static and mobile dispensers. We provide two different types of dispenser’s composite and woven dispensers both is the option of mobile and static dispensers. These allow for easy dispense of the strap thus saving time while strapping any goods and our safety metal case ensures the user is safe while using the dispenser.

We also have many different types of straps such as Bale Straps, Hot Melt Strapping, Woven Strapping and Ratchet Straps. To find out more or to view more products like these visit our website  

Bale Strap

Fortris UK also offer Bale Strap along with their wide range of straps. We provide two sizes 9mm and 13mm to allow our customers to use the right sized strap for their goods. Our Bale straps are built from polyester to allow maximum strength and durability to keep goods secure and intact. Our new methods make us one of the very few firms to provide polyester Bale Straps in comparison to our competitors whom still used the old polypropylene straps. With the new method of manufacturing and components the new Polyester Bale Strap is durable up to 384kg.

 The benefit of using Bale Strap means it can be re-tensioned with Steel buckles. Moreover using a heavy grade Bale Strap is actually stronger than using light grade metal. This allows our customers to use our bale straps with confidence and peace of mind. Just like Composite Strapping Bale Straps are highly shock absorbents to avoid snapping or damaging goods. Another advantage is the fact that Bale Straps can be places on any cargo with the fear of the strap rusting or being damaged by UV due to its weather resistance coating. 

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