We are leaders in the creation of interactive and web-based 3D visualisation technology. Using all applicable international and industry standards, all of our 3D visualisation projects are created to highest specification. Our products and services are ideally geared towards specialists from various profession including transportation, engineering, planning, emergency training, architecture, road safety and many more.

Interactive Drive Simulation

The interactive drive simulators use the 3D visual attributes of VR-Design Studio. We create driving scenarios and re-create them with complete control. The interactive drive simulator is widely used for vehicle system development and research by engineers, vehicle manufacturers, and transport planners.

3D Emergency Simulation

Our products are ideal to visualise in photo-realistic 3D evacuation simulations of large numbers of people from a variety of enclosed environments such as buildings and tunnels. Our systems can visualise pedestrian movement based on sophisticated dynamics in a wide variety of emergency and disaster evacuation situations.

We can also add realistic fire and smoke to our designs.

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