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Quality aluminium castings have been produced by Foundry & Fabrication for over half a century. Our aluminium castings are used in a diverse range of industry sectors from defence to petro chemical industries. The company has been approved to ISO9001:2008 across all our manufacturing processes to ensure that the integrity of our castings conform to the highest standards and most demanding applications. In the foundry though principally we produce superior aluminium castings, we possess the capability to supply and manufacture castings in other non-ferrous metals, though as a foundry we do tend to specialise in aluminium due to the diversity of its potential uses. We have a highly motivated and skilled workforce with a wealth of experience in aluminium casting to ensure that your project from drawing to finished casting is a success. Please contact us to discuss your casting project in greater detail.

Aluminium Sand Casting

Foundry & Fabrication has been producing aluminium sand castings since the company was first incorporated in the early 1960’s. The company now uses two main processes for the production of its castings. The two main processes that the company can offer its existing and new clients naturally splits into two main areas. Sand casting and gravity die casting. During the 1980’s the company expanded its expertise, not only producing aluminium sand castings but adding the facility to produce aluminium gravity die castings. There are several differences between the two processes.  The gravity die casting method of manufacture is more suited to a higher batch production environment where a higher degree of accuracy and consistency is required. The initial tooling costs are greater as the mould is made from iron rather than wood. However, the tool has a longer life span and many thousands of units are capable of being produced from the one tool. So if you want aluminium sand castings or a high volume of gravity die castings please contact us where we will be happy to discuss your project in greater detail and offer our advice as to the most suitable method of production. 

CNC Machined Castings

Here at Foundry and Fabrication not only are we able to produce the raw non-ferrous castings in either sand or gravity die we also have a fully equipped CNC machine shop on site. The added facility means the company can supply fully machined aluminium castings. The facility was added to the company’s services towards the end of 1980’s. Over the years the company has spent many hundreds of thousands of pounds investing in modern CNC machining centres. The investment means we are able to offer our customers a one stop shop. Dealing with one supplier for a fully machined casting has many benefits not least of which is the reduction of lead times and assurance that your machined casting will be machined to very tight tolerances that our customers demand, without having to move the castings on to another supplier in the supply chain. The machining process is also approved to ISO9001:2008 meaning customers are can rest assured that the quality of the machined casting will conform to the most exacting standards. For a comprehensive list of our CNC machining centres and manual tapping and drilling machines please visit our website on the plant list page.

Heat Treatment Of Castings

Foundry & Fabrication not only consider themselves a quality aluminium casting foundry with full CNC machinist services in house. We also are capable to offer our own in house heat treatment facilities on the one factory site. The heat treatment process changes the properties of the aluminium castings. Through managing the length and temperature that the aluminium alloy casting is exposed to the heat treatment process and the time taken to cool down the casting can increase the hardness of the aluminium casting. We have many years of experience in this field and can offer a range of heat treatments to alter the properties of your aluminium casting to ensure it meets your requirements. To see what we can do for you please contact us either through the website / via email or by telephone.  Details of which are at the top of this page.

Pattern Making and Tooling

The company in addition to the above can offer in house pattern making facilities and die manufacture.  The company has the necessary in house expertise to manufacture the wooden patterns used in the sand casting operation and the manufacturing of a die used in the gravity die casting process. As the company’s capacity is limited in this area, according to the urgency, size and complexity of the mould, the company may use one of its skilled and rigorously selected pattern and die makers. We can either utilise your existing tolling or alternatively arrange for new tooling to made where necessary. 

Other Services

The company is not limited to the range of services listed above. Not only can we shot blast or heat treat or even machine your castings in house, we also sub contract out other services to our network of carefully selected subcontractors. The other services that we can arrange include, though not limited to painting, impregnation, polishing and plating. To be able to place one order for a machined aluminium casting, that has been both heat treated, impregnated and painted can reduce the headache for our customers of dealing with many different suppliers throughout the supply chain.

One order on Foundry & Fabrication can ensure you receive your castings at your goods inwards finished ready for assembly.  

Foundry & Fabrication offer the total solution to your casting needs. Contact us today about your casting requirements. We will be happy to provide advice on tooling, casting, machining or any facet of your casting project

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