Fox Industries (now Stadium Power)


For over 20 years Fox Industries Limited have been supplying power conversion products to a wide range of customers in the UK and abroad. Products have been power supplies and dc-dc converters until recently when we took over the manufacture/supply of EMC filters, Inverters, UPS and frequency converters. Associated modules such as low voltage disconnect, mains voltage protectors, diode decouplers and other power related units have been designed and produced by us.

Custom products have been produced for Military, telecomm and commercial markets. Our Web site shows some of the standard components but our main market is for the special requirements which are application related. The range of applications is very diverse and we have listed some of them below whether they require front edge design expertise or price sensitive manufacture in the UK or Far East. We also supply many of the UK power supply companies with complete solutions or just components to enhance their portfolio.

Instrument power supply modified for dc motor starting with custom EMC Filter

AC and DC input power supply powering telecomms used by most Navys worldwide.

DC-DC Converter operating in pipeline investigation gantries.

Power supply for Industrial Inkjet and Laser printers with Custom EMC Filter

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