Freedom Joinery


Freedom Joinery likes to live up to it’s name. Whatever your wood craft requirement, no matter how different your idea may or may not be we have the freedom of mind to make it a reality.

We are happy to do commercial and private work, from a bespoke one off unit for your office or a new staircase for your house to a full refit for your 250 room hotel.


Green Footprint and Environment

Our ethical environmental policy ensures that we are always working to achieve our goal of reducing the effects our business has on our planet and to support our local community. To do this we created our 3 environmental footprint pledges.

Purchasing and Suppliers

As far as possible all suppliers we deal with will have a similar environmental policy to our own and be equally committed to protecting the planet. This applies to all items we use from wood to toilet roll!


  • Separate bins for recycling and waste
  • Timber off cuts are given to local schools for use in woodwork classes. Anything too small is recycled as a solid fuel for heating
  • Wood Shavings are donated to local farms and stables
  • Office supplies and sundries such as toner cartridges, paper, light bulbs and batteries are all recycled at local recycling points

Energy Efficiency

  • Increased use of natural light in workshop
  • Low energy fluorescent tube lighting used when needed in workshops
  • Energy efficiency bulbs used in office areas
An example of some projects completed to date are:
  • Savoy Hotel, London
    Created windows for the recent extension.
  • Hard Way Sailing Club, Gosport
    Complete refurb of the club bar.
  • Weatherspoons Public House, Portsmouth
    Conversion from Bank to Public House.
  • Harrods, London
    Created windows for roof top tower.
We are committed to reducing the impact our industry has on the planet and our environment. To find out more, arrange a quote or just have a chat about what we can offer you, please contact us here.
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