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We provide labels, documentation and publications for air, road and sea freight.

We supply self-adhesive hazard labels and handling labels, documentation, publications for the transport of dangerous goods, security seals, document enclosed wallets, filament tape, and UN-approved packing cases to the air, road and sea freight industry. In addition, we also supply to all individuals and organisations involved in the storage, packing and transport of dangerous goods. Our business maintains high standards of integrity, quality and service in addition to having prices amongst the lowest in the country.

Freight Labels

We supply a wide range of freight labels including:

  • Explosives Labels
  • Flammable Gas Labels
  • Non-Flammable Gas Labels
  • Toxic Gas Labels
  • Flammable Liquid Labels
  • Flammable Solid Labels
  • Spontaneously Combustible Labels
  • Dangerous When Wet Labels
  • Oxidizer Labels
  • Organic Peroxide Labels
  • Toxic Labels
  • Infectious Substances Labels
  • Radioactive Labels
  • Corrosive Labels
  • Miscellaneous Labels
  • Marine Pollutant Labels
  • Limited Quanitiy Labels
  • Lithium Battery Labels
  • Harmful Labels
  • Time and Temperature Sensitive Labels
  • Dangerous for the Environment Labels
Freight Labels

Documentation and Publications

Documentation includes: Dangerous Goods Notes, Shippers Declaration Forms, Standard Shipping Notes, Air Waybills and CMR forms.

Publications include: Dangerous Goods Regulations books relating to IATA, IMO, ADR, UN, HSE and ICAO. Also Live Animals Regulations, Perishable Goods, The Emergency Action Code List and Statutory Instruments.


Details about just some of our products can be seen below

Documentation and Publications

Hazard Label 100mm x 100mm Class 8 Corrosive 8 (Code V8)

Product Description

Rolls of 250 Vinyl/Polyethylene Labels. Compliant with International Labelling Regulations. Peel off individually from wax back paper for ease of use.

Hazard Label 100mm x 100mm Class 8 Corrosive 8 (Code V8)

Sea Road Dangerous Goods Notes

We have three styles of sea road dangerous goods notes:

Sea Road DGN 4-Part (Tipped Glued NCR) Box of 100 sets (Code DGNT). 4-Part Dangerous Goods Notes, these are for manual or typewriter use.

Sea Road DGN (Loose Leaf sheets NCR) Box of 400 sheets (Code DGNLL). 4-Part Dangerous Goods Notes, these are for inkjet and laser printers.

Sea Road DGN (Continuous Format NCR) Box of 500 sets (Code DGNCON). 4-Part Dangerous Goods Notes, these are for dot matrix printers.

Sea Road Dangerous Goods Notes

Dangerous Goods Publication

Freight Merchandising Services wishes to help keep you up to date with any corrigenda and addendums to the official transport publications. Please visit this section of our web site to make sure that you are keeping up with the relevant changes.

Dangerous Goods Publication

Hazardous Goods Packing Cases

We supply UN-approved packing cases, certified boxes and filament tape for all your hazardous packaging requirments. 

Hazardous Goods Packing Cases

Other Products and Services

We also supply the following:

  • Self-Adhesive Placards
  • Self-Adhesive Labels
  • Hazard Labels
  • Hazard Warning Diamonds
  • Handling Labels
  • Documentation
  • Forms
  • Publications
  • Security Seals
  • Dangerous Goods Notes
  • Shippers Declaration Forms
  • Standard Shipping Notes
  • Air Waybills
  • CMR Forms
  • Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • IATA Publications
  • IMO Publications
  • ICAO Publications
  • IMDG Publications
  • ADR Publications
  • RID Publications
  • UN Publications
  • HSE Publications
  • Emergency Action Code
  • Statutory Instruments
  • Live Animals Regulations
Other Products and Services

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