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An established supplier of cold rooms, cold room accessories, refrigeration systems, clean rooms, environmental test chambers and insulated panels, Frimatec UK was established in 1983. Over the years we have worked with customers worldwide with sales ranging from small walk-in freezers up to large cold storage warehouses. We have supplied some of the biggest names in the UK retail and food industry (Tesco, Unilever, Ford Motor Co) as well as public and private sector organisations (hospitals, museums etc). To date, we have been involved in cold room and clean room supplies to 45 countries around the world.

Our expertise in cold storage, refrigeration and insulated panel applications (eg. clean room and test chambers) is a key part of our success and our products come from leading European manufacturers. These include:

  • cold room panels for commercial and industrial cold storage operations
  • quick assembly modular cold room panels
  • cold room doors
  • flip-flap and sliding doors
  • cold room heater mats for frost heave protection
  • refrigeration systems for commercial and industrial use including self-contained, compact refrigeration units, refrigeration condensing units, evaporating units, split systems and specialized systems
  • clean room panels
  • controlled environment test chambers
  • industrial wall and roof cladding

We can also quote for any scale of bespoke cold room or clean room design and can readily work with contractors involved in special construction projects.

Contact us if you would like a no-obligation quotation and we will be pleased to help. Tel 01582 471600.

Cold Room Storage Design & Supply

Cold room storage a big industry in the UK and we have designed and supplied many commercial and industrial cold rooms for almost every sector that uses them including:

  • automotive industry
  • food production & distribution
  • pharmaceuticals
  • research
  • public sector (hospitals, millitary, police, museums)

From small cold rooms to medium size modular assembly cold rooms to custome built climate controlled storage to large-scale freezer warehouses, we have experience at all levels of cold room design and construction.

Cold Room Storage Design & Supply

Clean Rooms & Test Chambers

Clean rooms and environmental test chambers are a field of particular expertise for Frimatec UK. Over the years we have been privileged to supply some very high profile companies in the food, automotive, pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

These specialist facilities demand quality products and expertise in their design and construction and our clean rooms have been installed in many parts of the UK, across Europe and even the Middle East, North America and parts of Central America and Africa. We have also worked extensively on custom projects with contractors working in the close-control field.

Click here to view ouir extensive portfolio of clean room clients.

Clean Rooms & Test Chambers

Refrigeration Plant

We offer a fantastic range of quality refrigeration systems for a wide variety of applications both commercial and industrial.

Whether you have a small cold room and need a self-contained compact refrigeration unit or a large warehouse in need of suitable refrigeration, we can help. Alternatively, if you are a contractor looking for industrial chillers and specialized application systems such as used in hospital operating theatres and manufacturing clean rooms we have extensive experience in this sector. So whatever the application, we have the refrigeration experience, expertise and products to match.

Refrigeration Plant

Industrial Panels

We can supply quality European manufactured industrial panels in a variety of materials and coatings for roof and wall cladding. Within the range we also have special, fire resistant panels.

Our industrial panels can be produced for both vertical and horizontal fixing and these uses a secret fix system. Architects find this type of panel very appealing and useful in certain types of project construction.

We can also quote for a complete “Turnkey System” if required and arrange professional expertise to co-ordinate a special project from design to construction.

Industrial Panels
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