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Renowned for our British engineering, we specialise in sliding gates. We provide the complete service including the design, manufacture, installation, commission, maintenance, repair and refurbishment of sliding gates and many related products.

We manufacture security sliding gates including cantilever and tracked versions. The LiteTracker cantilever model of security sliding gate is available in widths up to 10 metres and the LoTracker cantilever model of security sliding gate is available in widths up to 15 metres. Bespoke sliding gates are also available.

Industrial Hinged Gates

Our industrial hinged gates provide unequalled levels of security. Our range of industrial hinged gates also provides controlling access for vehicles in applications such as factories and commercial premises.

Our top of the range industrial hinged gates are available in numerous styles to compliment contemporary and traditional architecture designs. Custom designs are also available with our industrial hinged gates, so all preferences and requirements are always met.

Industrial Hinged Gates

Bi-Folding Speed Gates

Further to our industrial hinged gates range, we also provide the highest quality options in bi-folding speed gates. Withy our bi-folding speed gates, the options are incredible. All possible specifications are met through our versatility with design and manufacture, and our bespoke service. Our bi-folding speed gates are specially designed fast acting gates with speeds of up to 1200mm/second.

Further features include:

  • High speed synchro-drive unit
  • Electro-mechanical or hydraulic operation
  • 100% duty cycle - rated for continuous use
  • An overhead gantry guides the individual gate leaves
  • A special underground track unit allows a high speed of operation and any height of vehicle to pass through the aperture
Bi-Folding Speed Gates

Barricade Beams

The versatility and high-quality of our bi-folding speed gates is matched by our barricade beams. All sizes, styles and requirements are considered with our barricade beams with lengths up to 8000mm available.

Our barricade beams are fully cantilevered, impact resistant and have been adapted from the original LoTracker sliding gate. They are specifically designed to withstand heavy impacts such as vehicle attacks.

For more information on our barricade beams, visit our website.

Barricade Beams

Manual Security Barriers

Our versatile and extensive product range includes manual security barriers. Our manual security barriers are ideally suited for areas where equipment supervision is not necessary.

As well as manual security barriers, we have a variety of manual products available. They include restricting 'wagon stoppers' and speed ramps used to slow traffic down.

Manual Security Barriers

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