FUCHS Lubricants (UK) Plc


As a traditional medium-sized enterprise with strong roots, we are part of FUCHS PETROLUB SE, the world’s largest independent lubricant manufacturer.

Adhesive Lubricants

The widely varying areas of use of our adhesive lubricants lie in numerous industrial applications, e.g. open-running drive units on tube mills, rotary kilns, dryers, ore mills or calcinators as well as turn tables, toothed racks and slide rails.

Aerosols (Lubricants)

Lubricants in the aerosol form are a simple, quick and clean form of application for numerous lubrication points, since they can be applied directly and economically without any additional aids.


Lubricating Fluids

Modern lubricating fluids are ideal where good penetrating effect and wetting capacity are demanded. In addition, they often perform a cooling and cleaning function.


Lubricating Greases

Extremes are a challenge for us. FUCHS LUBRITECH lubricating greases are high-performance greases for the most demanding applications.


Metal Forming Lubricants

LUBRODAL products are die lubricants, which can be mixed with water, for massive forming of metals in the hot and warm temperature range. With or without graphite, black or white, LUBRODAL’s excellent properties fulfil the highest demands.


Pastes and Grease Pastes

It is precisely in the marginal areas of grease lubrication where grease pastes exhibit their exceptional efficiency. Even with slow movements, under very high pressure, or in case of oscillatory or sudden loads, they inhibit metallic contact, thus preventing or reducing wear, such as scuffing.


Release Agents

High-quality concrete release agents are indispensable where the quality of a concrete surface is concerned. Efficient cleaning and preserving agents are required for concrete and asphalt processing in order to protect the valuable construction machines and devices, to prolong their service lives and to reduce expenditure for cleaning and repair.


Solid Film Lubricants

Solid film lubricants and HMP film lubricants are suitable for a multitude of materials, such as metals, plastics, and elastomers. After application on surfaces, solid film lubricants and HMP film lubricants enable a reliable, clean and dry lubrication, in particular wherever greases and oils are unwanted or not practicable.


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