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Carrying out a geophysical site investigation is now more imperative than ever before, with increasing economic and legislative pressure being applied.

To manage the success of a project fully, we offer geophysical site investigations and a wide range of techniques enabling the correct method to be selected for a particular site.

Structural Investigation

We deliver numerous testing and investigation services in key areas including structural investigation. With our structural investigation services we carry out the non-destructive investigation of buildings, civil structures and heritage.

As well as structural investigation, we also provide comprehensive testing solutions for transport infrastructure, and flood prevention and water services.

Utility Mapping

For streetworks and utility mapping, we aid clients in utilities maintenance, urban tramway and other areas by providing a detailed and valuable picture of the subsurface.

For utility mapping, our team are vastly experienced in the streetworks environment. Many of the team are also skilled in traffic management and working in confined spaces.

Ground Penetrating Radar

To ensure streetworks are carried out safely, efficiently and cost-effectively, we provide a detailed picture of the subsurface, before during and after construction.

Within the planning stage we offer a survey consisting of electrodetection and ground penetrating radar to provide information on the pavement construction and the position of services buried in and below it.

For more information on our ground penetrating radar techniques, or any related service, visit our website.

Non-Destructive Investigation

We develop and offer a range of non-destructive investigation technologies for you and your business to benefit from.

Our non-destructive investigation solutions are unrivalled and backed by over 20 years of experience. We are established and renowned specialists in delivering a comprehensive variety of information on subsurface condition and structural arrangement - mostly without damage to the fabric.

Engineering Geophysics

For engineering geophysics, we have one of the world's largest teams, as well as a substantial in-house pool of testing instruments.

We are vastly experienced and skilled in engineering geophysics and well-equipped to take on challenging projects no matter what the size, complexity or location.

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