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Here at Furstenbrunn, we specialise in providing cereal and seed equipment for measuring and counting any size grains. Our cereal and seed equipment is designed to assist with quality control and covers areas including moisture determination in the field, cereal storage monitoring, intake QC instrumentation and laboratory equipment. 

Our cereal and seed equipment has been developed for the cereal, seed and milling industries. We provide a full after-sales service including calibration, repair and spares service.

Quality Control Equipment

We provide quality control equipment suitable for industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, brewing and distilling, cereals and seed, utilities, malting, wine and chemicals. Our quality control equipment is designed to meet your individual requirements.

Mission Critical Products

We are one of the leading distributors for mission critical products. Our diverse range of mission critical products covers rugged computers and associated equipment, tempest equipment and IT security products. We provide high technology services to government, military, security, diplomatic and commercial clients worldwide.

Specialist Computers

We provide a complete specialist computers service backed by engineers who are acknowledged as being the leaders in their particular fields of expertise. We have representatives throughout the world ready to provide local assistance and support for your specialist computers.

Surveillance Systems

We supply application specific surveillance systems, designed as robust intrusion detection systems for installations where hard wiring of sensors to a central monitoring facility is not feasible or desirable. Our surveillance systems are used in airbases, airports, government installations, utilities sites, public institutions and other sensitive areas.

Secure ID Card Systems

We supply secure ID card systems that are extremely difficult to counterfeit and will invalidate itself when tampered with. Our secure ID card systems are affordable and simple to upgrade when required.

Benefits of our secure ID card systems include:

  • Easy and certain authentication
  • Resistance to tampering
  • Multiple Biometrics
  • Biometric data to confirm the card ownership
  • Authenticated encryption
  • Independence to an online data base system
  • Operational in a mobile stand-alone environment

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