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Here at Fuse Fireworks, we specialise in providing professional firework displays for almost any event. Our unique professional firework displays are designed to be entertaining, stunning and unforgettable.  

Firework Displays in Nottingham

We are passionate about providing fantastic firework displays in Nottingham. Our firework displays in Nottingham give you a wide range of fireworks and special effects to choose from. With our many years of experience, we take health and safety very seriously.

Wedding & Party Fireworks

If looking for something truly unique and amazing for your special day, we provide a wide range of wedding & party fireworks to make your day extra special. All of our wedding & party fireworks are crafted to suit your individual ideas and budgets. We guarantee that your display will be completely unique and unforgettable.  

Quiet Fireworks

We provide an amazing range of quiet fireworks to avoid the use of excessively loud fireworks. Our quiet fireworks are stunning and still create beautiful displays without the noise.  

Pyrotechnics & Special FX

We supply a wide range of pyrotechnics & special FX suitable for stadiums, award dinners, theatres, and stages, including confetti, snow confetti and flames. Our pyrotechnics & special FX create dramatic and dazzling effects to wow your audience.

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