G Middleton Engineering


Our engineering facilities include most of the traditional metalworking processes normally found in small engineering companies plus a couple that are maybe less common.

Drilling & Tapping

Bench/pillar drills including an articulated arm machine with a maximum throat of 2ft./60cm. - capable of drilling a 23mm hole in the middle of something 4ft./120cm wide.Larger holes can be bored out.
Auto-reversing tapping attatchments for the above.
Special purpose air operated drilling machines.

Drilling & Tapping

Grinding and linishing

Grinders mostly used for our own toolmaking & sharpening requirements. Various vertical & horizontal linishers and band grinders for de-burring and surface finishing - often used for pre-polishing operations.


24 "Flat Lapping Machine - parts to be lapped must fit inside 9.75"(247mm) dia. rings.


Horizontal,Vertical & Turret Milling machines


Various Fly Presses up to no.6A (12#47;305mm deep throat)
6 ton power press.
Small guillotine,Shears,Folders

Sawing, cutting and turning

Cut-off Saws,Bandsaws

Slotting attatchment on milling machine

Conventional & Capstan Lathes up to 17"swing x 50" between centres (430mm x 1270mm)

Welding services

Our welding facilities currently include manual metal arc (MMA) or "stick" welding on steel, Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding on steel,stainless steel and aluminium and spot welding (up to 22KVA).We have also used one of our spot welders for projection welding "weld nuts" onto steel plate. We do welding/fabrication of new parts and also repairs to old ones. See the samples below. We currently don't do site work or car body repairs.

Welding services
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