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Gaeltec have been manufacturing miniature catheter tip pressure transducers, polyurethane catheter tips and medical pressure measuring equipment for 40 years.

Gaeltec manufacture equipment for many medical applications including uses in the field of urology. Gaeltec catheter tip pressure transducers are robust sensing diaphragms made out of metal but are housed in soft flexible silicone catheter.

They can be used with many types of monitors which have been set to conventional transducers. You can do this by using two types of extension leads for single or double catheters and a specific connector either fitted by Gaeltec or the client.

For use in urology the catheter tip pressure transducers and polyurethane catheter tips can be sterilised with cold aqueous solutions such as cidex and ethylene oxide gas. Gaeltec can also supply different catheters to the standard depending on the customer requirements.

Oesophageal (Upper GI)

Gaeltec Ltd manufacture oesophageal (upper GI) catheter tip transducers which can be used with many different types of monitors that have been used with traditional transducers. Gaeltec oesophageal (upper GI) transducers have a sensitivity range of 5µV/V/mmHg.

They are manufactured and mounted in a soft flexible silicone catheter and are simple to use for both standard and ambulatory recording.

Gaeltec oesophageal (upper GI) catheters are supplied to whatever order you require with either a soft tip or markings in centimetres.

Oesophageal (Upper GI)

Gastroenterology (CTG)

Gaeltec Ltd manufactures catheter tip pressure transducers for gastroenterology (CTG). The catheters are metal sensing diaphragms within silicone catheters and have excellent frequency response and are easy to use.

Gaeltec catheters for gastroenterology (CTG) are ideal for use with conventional monitors which have been used with traditional transducers. Gaeltec can make units that can be configured to different types of lumen and balloon ties in this range of longer catheters.

Gastroenterology (CTG)


Ano-rectal catheter tip transducers are again mounted in rubber catheters and are ideal for ambulatory and standard recording as well as being easy to use.

Gaeltec ano-rectal catheters can be used with many types of monitors that have been used with conventional transducers. They are able to supply different sensor spacing on these items according to the customer requirements. Gaeltec have used proven technology and make units with the following:

  • Balloon ties
  • Lumens
  • EMG electrodes
  • Multiple sensors at one location


Neurosurgery requires very special instruments and Gaeltec have either the Fontanometer (FONT) or the Intracranial Catheter Tip Pressure Transducer (ICT/B).

The Fontanometer is for making non-invasive measurements of ICP in neonates' giving a display of respiratory and pulse pressure. The Intracranial Catheter Tip pressure transducer (ICT/B) is for checking zero drift of the ICT/B and pressure monitor in-vivo. It is accurate but will allow the patient to be moved and then re-connected.

Both these products are used in neurosurgery. If you would like more technical specifications the please see Gaeltec Ltd for more information.


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