Gammadot Rheology Testing and Consultancy


Our skills and knowledge are based on over 20 years of providing rheology and materials characterisation support to the plastics and rubber industries. From applying rheology to quality control, failure analysis and process optimisation issues, to providing accurate materials data for flow simulation software such as Moldflow, Moldex 3D & Sigmasoft 3D, Gammadot is able to offer a variety of standard and custom solutions to your flow and FEA data requirements.

Gammadot’s areas of expertise include:


Capillary Rheometry

Shear, Extensional & Pressure Dependent Viscosity, melt density, No flow temperature (NFT).


Rotational Rheometry

Shear viscosity versus shear rate/Time/Temperature
Oscillatory Rheometry as a function of Frequency/Time/Temperature
Cure Kinetics/Melt Stability/Thermal Degradation Studies


Melt Flow / Volume Rate

Measurements to ISO 1133 & ASTM D1238


Brookfield Viscometry

LV & RV viscometer ranges available


PvT (Pressure, Volume, Temperature)

Specific volume / density as a function of pressure & temperature


Moldflow Testing Services

Proving comprehensive input data for packages such as Moldflow, Moldex 3D & Sigmasoft 3D


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