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DataScan are responsible for the distribution of Cipherlab AutoID, data collection and associated products exclusively within the UK and Eire regions.

Specialist applications for Time and Attendance, Access Control, and Shop Floor Data Capture compliment their range of barcode scanners and portable data capture devices, printers and peripherals.

Products categories include:

  • Mobile Computers
  • Industrial Computers (Vehicle Mounted and Tablets)
  • EPOS Systems (Touchscreens, Terminals, Printers and Cashdrawers)
  • Barcode Readers (Wired, Wireless and Omni/Fixed)
  • Printers (Desktop, Portable and EPOS)
  • RFID (Scanners and Consumables)
  • Card Readers (Slot Readers and POS Terminals)
  • Scan Modules
  • Software  

Mobile Computers

These mobile devices vary in the range of small pocket sized portable terminals to the heavy industrial usage. Options include different wireless connectivity options, signature capture, RFID, built in cameras and Operating Systems, to name but a few. Needless to say, here are products to fit any and every application with ease.

  • CipherLab CPT-9600 Series, CPT-9500 Series, CPT-9400 Series, CPT-9300 Series, CPT-8500 Series, CPT-8400 Series, CPT-8300 Series, CPT-8000 Series, CPT-711 Series
  • AdvanMobile gSTAR
  • Woongjing STM-7100, STM-8800  
Mobile Computers

Industrial Computers

Our vehicle-mount computer product line consists of a broad range of rugged, powerful devices that are user friendly and sensibly designed. They deliver the performance and durability required for mobile data collection in the harshest of environments. With comprehensive options for displays, operating systems and connectivity,we have a device that is perfect for your application. Designed with best-of-breed industry-standard components at the forefront, these vehicle-mount computers deliver seamless integration to your Supply Chain and Mobile Computing applications.

Vehicle Mounted

  • AdvanTech TREK-743, 775, 776, 305R, VITA-350P


  • MARS 3100, Arbor M1255, Gladius G0710   
Industrial Computers

EPOS Systems

The EPOS market is very extensive with a vast array of tills, cash drawers, receipt printers and all-in-one terminals. In this section, you find a selection of products and accessories to fit almost any EPOS application you have.


  • AdvanPOS HPOS, ZPOS, ZPOSLite, QPOS, Chameleon, QP-3000, WP-6500, AdvanBOX

Mobile POS

  • Woongjing STM7100
  • AdvanMobile gSTAR, KIA 3

EPOS Scanners

  • Metrologic Orbit
  • Zebex Z-6010, Z-6082

POS Printers

  • AdvanMobile SP-200, SP-250, SP-900

Cash Drawers   

EPOS Systems

Barcode Readers

Ranging from tethered scanners to wireless devices to 2D readers, you will find a product here to match all your application needs. Primarily suited for EPOS applications and internal business scanning requirements these products have extended warranties and are solidly reliable requiring minimal maintenance and technical expertise.


  • CipherLab 1000, 1090+, 1100, 1200, 1500
  • Riotec LS6006, LS8000


  • CipherLab 1166, 1266, 1560 CCD, 1560 Laser, 1660

Omni and Fixed

  • Metrologic Orbit
  • Zebex Z-6170, Z-3060, Z-6010, Z-6070, Z-6082, Z-6181, Z-6182
Barcode Readers

EPOS Printers

From light weight, portable printers, rugged or industrial printers use, you can find the correct style printer most suitable for your application. If you can find the consumable you need, please call the office and we will try and source you the exact style, size and material required. 


  • Zebra MZ220, MZ230, QL220, QL230, QL420
  • Citizen CMP10


  • Godex EZ-DT2, EZ-DT4, EZ-1100, EZ-2200, EZ-2300, EZ-6200, EZ-6300


  • Labels
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons    
EPOS Printers

Card Readers

From membership turnstyles to loyalty reward and hospitality systems, these swipe card readers are ergonomic, easy to install and operate. Depending on which model you want, these devices will read all the major barcode symbologies or magnetic stripe cards.

POS Terminals

  • Woongjing STM 7100
  • AdvanMobile gStar and KIA 3

Slot Readers

  • CipherLab 1022, 1023
  • AdvanMobile 1024, 1025   
Card Readers

Scan Modules

These type of readers are ideal for manufacturing processes or supply chain scanning to monitor, manage and direct products on conveyor systems. With the omni directional scanners as well as long range reading these devices are simple to install and extremely cost effective.

  • Zebex A62M G2, Zebex A52M, Zebex A50M
  • CipherLab 1045, 1400
Scan Modules

EPOS Software

Bartender, PASS, CipherLab Mirror/Stream/Blaze, MCL Client, Wavelink  T&A

EPOS Software

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