Longing for the perfect Christmas décor with no hassle or interruption to your working day? Hire or purchase Christmas trees, garlands and wreaths from Gardenscene that will impress your staff and clients. In addition to the range shown we can build bespoke trees in any colour and with any style decorations.

Choose from a single decorated or undecorated Christmas tree, with or without parcels around the base, to a complete package with garlands, wreaths all built to your specification and colour scheme. Our fully comprehensive service is tailored to your requirements, enabling you to specify what you want, when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it.

All trees and decorations are delivered to your office at a convenient time to suit you and the flow of your staff or public.

At the end of the season we will remove the tree and any decorations.

Live Christmas Trees are also available from 5ft to 20ft.

Live and Artificial plants

Gardenscene has a wealth of knowledge in the design and creation of bespoke interior planting schemes. We offer a
genuine start to finish service, from initial concept right through to a stunning and pleasing completed project. From both health
and aesthetical points of view interior planting can be a huge plus point for your company, its staff and your visitors.

97% of employees felt healthier and better motivated when working in areas with plants in - Dr Lohr, University of Washington.
Reduce headaches, dry skin, eye irritation and sore or dry throats with interior landscaping.
Plants for offices can help lead to a reduction in absenteeism and staff sickness.
Absorb harmful toxins such as benzene that lead to Sick Building Syndrome.

Independent research has proven that interior plants for offices and other commercial locations have a positive effect on the morale, productivity and health of both the employer and the employees. Interior landscaping has also been scientifically proven to improve workers creativity and sense of well being, which in turn enhances the performance and profitability of the company in which they work. Indoor plants help achieve this by absorbing harmful toxins, dusts and chemicals from the air such as benzene and releasing oxygen in their place.

Interior planting helps in other ways too.

Indoor plants also raise humidity and assist in reducing ambient noise levels. Combining benefits such as the reduction of headaches, stress, dry skin, and fatigue with aesthetical ones, with interior planting helping to make indoor environments far more relaxing and enjoyable to be in and it is not surprising that studies have shown indoor plants help give staff an increased perception of working in a pleasant environment. Another study showed that absence from work could be reduced by 10% through the installation of interior plants displays.

Exterior planting will help to enhance and add to the exterior of any premises. Whether you want The Green Office to install designer planters and plants outside your reception entrance, or provide screen planting to help give privacy to diners eating at busy restaurants, The Green Office have a solution and the skills to meet every requirement.

Large trees make an impressive impact and create eye-catching statements. Whether in interior street scenes, atrium areas or courtyards; trees help to improve and soften the aesthetics of these large open spaces. Gardenscene are able to supply many species and varieties of indoor trees to suit any commercial environment, live indoor trees are more beneficial to the overall work environment as they will improve and enhance air quality. We can also provide artificial trees which will require less maintenance and will still help improve the overall visual appearance and aesthetics of a business environment.


Plant Maintenance.

The dedicated team from Gardenscene of trained horticulturists work swiftly, tidily and unobtrusively to implement your planting scheme. Then once installed, our maintenance schedule is a simple way to ensure your plants continue to impress and look their best into the future. The maintenance plan includes everything from the cleaning of the plant and planter to watering, feeding, pest control and removing any unsightly foliage.

Our maintenance team will visit your premises to care for your displays, any plants that deteriorate or become overgrown will automatically be replaced.

There is no charge for call outs and for priority issues we aim to get to you in 24 hours.

At Gardenscene we have a very high commitment to the quality of our products and services, the health & safety of our employees and clients, and all environmental issues. Therefore we hold the UKAS accreditation in Quality ISO 9001, Environmental ISO 14001 and OHAS ISO 18001.

Any questions or more information, dont hesitate, call 01772 620099.