Gauges North West Ltd

Gauges North West specialise in the manufacture, repair and calibration of gauges and accessories. They have a wide range of pressure gauges, flow gauges, test gauges and diaphragm and hygienic seal gauges. 

Their range of pressure gauges includes: magnehelic gauges, absolute gauges, manometers, vacuum gauges and many more. 

Tank Contents and Storage Gauges

Gauges North West has a comprehensive selection of tank contents and storage gauges. Their range of tank contents and storage gauges includes: slight gauges, level sensor gauges, pump-to-read tank contents gauges and constant reading tank contents gauges.

They also offer a selection of diesel delivery and storage tank equipment. This range includes filters, fire valves, vents and caps, pumps and delivery nozzles.  

Tank Contents and Storage Gauges

Temperature Gauges

A selection of high quality temperature gauges is available from Gauges North West. Their range of temperature gauges includes:

  • Cables & Accessories
  • Thermoweels & Pockets
  • Dial Thermometers
  • Industrial Digital Thermometers
  • Hand Held Thermometers and many more 
Temperature Gauges

Datalogging and Process Controllers

Gauges North West has a variety of dataloggers and process controllers available. Dataloggers are used to record data over a period of time. They can be used for a whole host of measurement applications.  

Process controllers receive data from various sensors that are set up around a specific location. They can be used to monitor temperature and activating high or low alarms. Gauges North West can manufacture process controllers to individual customer specifications.

As part of their datalogging and process controllers range, Gauges North West manufacture pressure transmitters, chart recorders, paperless and videographic recorders and thermocouples and RTD's.

Datalogging and Process Controllers

Calibration and Test Equipment

Gauges North West has a wide range of calibration and test equipment on offer. Their range of calibration and test equipment includes:

  • Dead Weight Testers
  • Pressure Calibrators
  • Temperature Baths & Simulators
  • Paint Test & Surface Finish Equipment
  • Custom Test Equipment and many more
Calibration and Test Equipment

Weighing Equipment & Load Cells

Gauges North West has a wide selection of weighing equipment & load cells.  They offer industrial scales, Seca medical scales and a variety of load cells.

Their selection of weighing equipment & load cells includes portable scales, analytical and precision scales, mechanical scales, bed and dialysis scales and many more.

Weighing Equipment & Load Cells

Flow Meters

Gauges North West specialise in the supply, repair and calibration of flow meters. They can provide a solution to any customer requirements. Selection the right flow meter is important, having an incorrect one can lead to inaccurate readings and high maintenance costs.

They supply and manufacture tubine, ultrasonic, magnetic, water meters, vortex, open channel and many other varieties of flow meter.

Flow Meters

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