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For more than 30 years GBC has been a world leading manufacturer of pipe cutting and bevelling machines. GBC pipe bevelling machines are recognised worldwide in the power generation, gas and oil industries as 'THE' machine to use in arduous conditions.

We now also lead the way in the manufacture of plate bevelling machines with high speed milling heads.

Recent new additions to the product range include grinding machines for root weld back gouging.


As well as stocking and distributing GBC machines, parts and tooling, GBC-UK also has a huge fleet of machines available for hire.

GBC-UK also stock a wide range of material handling products and pipework fabrication tools. This complementary range of products includes pipe jack stands, pipe alignment clamps, pipe purging equipment, weld purge monitors, tungsten grinders and much more.

ISO Accredited

GBC are pleased to announce that we are now UKAS ISO 9001:2008 registered.

ISO Accredited

Pipe Bevellers

Our range of pipe bevellers is available for hire worldwide from our UK base.

Used to prepare pipes for welding, safety or aesthetic reasons we have pipe bevellers to fit a variety of pipe diameters and our helpful staff are on hand to help with any questions.

GBC Industrial Tools’ pipe bevellers are lightweight and powerful, ideal for:

  • Precision tube trimming
  • Weld removal
  • Tube plate preparation for retubing
Pipe Bevellers

Pipe Cutters

GBC Industrial Tools specialise in the supply of pipework fabrication products to hire or buy. The choice of pipe cutters includes:

  • Saws
  • Pipe cold cutting/bevelling machines
  • Self-centring pipe cutters
  • Orbital pipe cutters
  • Flame cutting machines

If you’re unsure or need advice when choosing your pipe cutter please contact us or complete the form under the ‘product help’ option on our pipe cutters' page.

Pipe Cutters

Grinding Machines

The range of grinding machines available from GBC Industrial Tools includes:

  • G300 - A compact, lightweight machine ideal for back gauging flat plates
  • G400 - light, powerful, compact and versatile, this grinder is ideal for back gouging
  • G800 - a multi-function, completely electric grinding machine

Alternatively, please feel free to complete the form on our website or contact us to discuss grinding machines.

Grinding Machines

Heat Exchanger Equipment

Heat exchangers are used to transfer heat between fluids in both heating and cooling applications. GBC Industrial Tools range of heat exchanger equipment includes:

  • Auto-tube expanders
  • Tube expanders
  • Rolling motors
  • Tube pulling
  • Tube testing & plugs
  • Bundle pullers
  • Hexsaw

Suitable for various industries including refrigeration, air conditioning, petrol refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, our helpful staff can help with any questions you may have.

Heat Exchanger Equipment

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