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The UK’s leading -One Stop" supplier for both general & special application batteries.

We are Specialist Supplier of Industrial Standby Power and are battery pack assemblers with a fast turnaround in supply and design. Our technical staff have over 30 years experience in battery technology and application we specialise in quality battery products from some of the worlds largest and respected manufacturers.

Most batteries are ex stock for next day delivery. Gel Batteries specialists!


Why choose GBS?

  • Over 400 different types of date coded batteries always in stock 
  • Same day dispatch for next day delivery on most products.
  • Technical support and impartial advice always available.
  • No minimum order quantity.
Why choose GBS?

Where service and quality matter most!

We supply batteries from all of the Worlds leading battery manufacturers including: 

  • Duracell Procell
  • Varta
  • Energizer Industrial
  • Sonnenschein/Saft
  • Ultralife
  • Yuasa-Powersonic-Fiamm
  • Sanyo

Our staff can offer you great advice about and type of battery including NiCAD & NiMH Rechargeable, Sealed Lead Acid,
Lithium Coin & Round Cells and Specialist Battery Pack Assemblies

Technical Support at all times

Just some of our battery types can be seen below

Where service and quality matter most!

Duracell Procell Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline "mercury free" batteries from one of the World's largest battery manufacturers. Brand leaders in both the USA and Europe with its environmentally friendly product range that meet all EEC regulations. High quality, reliable batteries are manufactured using the latest technology to ensure peak performance.

Energizer & Varta Industrial Alkaline Batteries also available

Duracell Procell Alkaline Batteries

Batteries and Battery Packs

Batteries : A complete range of quality Nickel Cadmium & Hydride Cells. Bare Cell/Tag, Button Cells, High Temp Cells or Packs made to your requirements. Battery Packs : A complete professional pack making service for any combination or type of cells (NiCD NiMH Lithium Alkaline), made to your specification.

Batteries and Battery Packs

Lead Acid Batteries

Powersonic Sealed Acid Batteries

Sealed maintenance free valve regulated batteries designed for both float & standby applications. Safe operation in any position, design life 3-5 years. Range of capacities 1AH - 100AH

Brand types also available:

  • Yuasa
  • Sonnenschein Dryfit A500 Series Cyclic GF-Y Rang
  • Fiamm
  • Sonnenschein A500 Series
  • Enersys Powersafe Range V Range
  • Enersys Powersafe VM Range
  • Enersys Powersafe SBS Range
Lead Acid Batteries

Specialist Battery Packs and Assemblies

GBS are a major supplier of specialist battery packs and assemblies to a wide and varied group of industries.

We pride ourselves on a fast and efficient turnaround service for "one offs" or small, medium and large requirements.

For helpful advice, price quotation or technical support on all products & services, please contact our friendly sales and technical team on 01708 769222.

Specialist Battery Packs and Assemblies

Sealed Lead Acid Battery Chargers

A range of quality multi stage chargers for sealed lead acid batteries chosen for their reliability, performance and value. We carry a comprehensive range of chargers in desk/bench top and plug top design in transformer, switch mode and micro controller design.

Sealed Lead Acid Battery Chargers

Lithium Batteries

Ultralife Lithium

U9VL The most powerful 9volt battery in the world, with a rated capacity of 1200mAH. Lasts up to 4 times longer than alkaline batteries and 10 times longer than carbon-zinc. Operates from -40C to +60C maximum continuous discharge 120mA. Patented safety mechanism eliminates any potential hazards. Available ex-Stock

Tadiran Lithium Batteries

Tadiran batteries are one of the leading manufacturers of primary lithium batteries in the world. The successful joint venture with Sonnenschein Lithium has successfully served the world market for over 20years. Tadiran Batteries are owned by the Saft Group.

Lithium Batteries

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