GD Rectifiers Ltd

  • Extruded aluminum heatsink
  • Fan cooled heatsink
  • Water and Liquid cooled heatsink
  • Heatsink assemblies
  • Semiconductor heatsinks

GD Rectifiers Ltd was formed in 1963 to design and manufacture selenium rectifiers. While remaining the UK leader in this field, the company has expanded to provide solutions to every aspect of contemporary power semiconductor and transient suppression applications. It has qualified and innovative technical personnel guiding the customer from design concept through component specification and supply, with particular focus on its special products division.

GD Rectifiers Ltd, Is ISO 9001 registered, and distributes the following products:

IXYS Semiconductor product manufacturers.
WESTCODE Semiconductor product manufacturers.
SEMIKRON Semiconductor product manufacturers.
Electronic Devices Inc (EDI) Semiconductor product manufacturers.
COOPER Bussmann Fuse Manufacturers.
Ferraz Shawmut Fuse Manufacturers.
SIRIO Wound components.
TELCON Soft Magnetic Cores and Components.
Bi-sonic Fans.
Bosari Thermal Management Products
Eichhoff Filters - EMC - RFI - Capacitors - PCB Transformer Products.
Arcol Power Resistor Products.
Carpenter Mumetal - Telcalloy - Rotelloy - Permendur - Toroidal Cores.



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