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We design, install and maintain a range of security systems including door entry systems. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality services and ensure our clients receive a 'right fist time' approach from our highly qualified staff. We have provided door entry systems for many local housing authorities and have chosen our designs in order to bring their housing up to standard.

The education system has also benefitted from our outstanding door entry systems to help protect the safety of pupils, staff and contents of universities, colleges and schools. All our door entry systems are suitable for a diversity of applications and help to reduce the risks of unauthorised access. 

Commercial Security Systems

We design and supply a variety of commercial security systems ideal for use in retail environments. Our range of commercial security systems ensures retail units and outlets are kept secure but keep a feeling of welcome and appeal. Our leading commercial systems include intruder alarms, article surveillance and CCTV. 

Our commercial security systems are also suitable for the leisure sector and we offer a range of applications ideal for securing health and fitness clubs, cinemas and restaurants.

Public Sector Security Systems

Our public sector security systems have been utilised by many public organisations to help secure and protect their visitors and staff. Effective security systems in the public domain enable people to feel safe as they go about their daily lives. Our expertise and experience in public sector security systems means we can ensure public buildings and spaces are safe and inviting.

We have been designing and installing security systems in education facilities for over 20 years and create systems in order to protect and deter the potential of vandalism, theft and arson. Public sector security systems for this area include access control, intruder alarms and high quality CCTV. We are committed to finding the correct solution for our customers regardless of budget or application.

Home Security Systems

Our range of home security systems can be installed into domestic homes to suit a range of needs and budgets. Home security systems include audible only and remote monitored security systems monitored at our Alarm Receiving Centre. We receive information from home security systems via signalling equipment such as Digital Communicator and RedCare.

Digital Video Recorders

We have recently introduced a new range of digital video recorders using the latest technology in order to reduce costs. We are extremely proud of our reputation in the industry and 75 percent of new business for us is generated through referrals. This confirms our professionalism and high level of customer satisfaction. Our digital video recorders are installed by qualified engineers and maintained with a range of services and support. 

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